Date: 17th March 2018 at 10:26am
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One of our biggest fears with regard to this season is the possibility that Chelsea will finish outside of the top-four.

If that is the case, just as it was back in the 2016 / 2017 season, there will be no Champions League football for Chelsea Football Club.

Many believe that if that is the case then there could be a player exodus with the likes of Eden Hazard, Thibaut Courtois, Willian and N`Golo Kante looking to move elsewhere.

However, following the disappointing loss at the hands of Barcelona in the Champions League, The Telegraph contains some interesting remarks, attributed to Antonio Conte, remarks which would seem to suggest there would not be a mass exodus if the scenario described above develops, with Conte remarking,

“Don`t forget that two years ago Chelsea finished 10th, with many players who have featured this season.

“They decided to continue to play for this club, two years ago. Many players, they were here, when they finished 10th.

“Do the players need to take responsibility? I think like last season, when we won the title and reached the final of the FA Cup, it`s always the same: we must be ready to share the responsibility with the club, the players, me and my staff.”

Conte may have hit the nail on the head, but for some reason I`m not sure that loyalty he spoke about from the last time we failed to qualify for the Champions League, will be so prevalent.

How about you?

What are your views on the consequences of Chelsea possibly not qualifying for the Champions League next season?

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4 Replies to “There Will Be No Mass Exodus If????????”

  • If Conte stays there will be an exodus, allegedly he angered the team with his fawning over Messi and not saluting the away fans, the other night . He really should offer to resign, we have lost every record we had under him. Can’t beat our rivals anymore . He also seems not to care about the club .If Roman keeps him next season, you can bank on 5/6 players leaving at least .

  • If there are any players at our club who don’t want to be here, then let them get the F*** out of it. I’d rather get relegated with 11 committed lads from the youth team than have a bunch of so called “superstars” picking up massive wages without putting in 100% effort.

  • Chelsea should recruit a manager who have passion, desire, interest and determination to work for CFC. Clearly Conte is not, you have to look at the way he keeps undermining his own players by overpraising players from the opposition during his press conferences.

  • I have my doubts if Conte will be a very successful manager over a long period of time wherever he goes, his attitude is very bad.

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