Date: 20th August 2017 at 1:29pm
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The stand-off that has developed between Diego Costa and Chelsea Football Club continues to generate column inches.

After refusing to return to London to train with the squad and get match-fit, something Chelsea believe they are entitled to ask for as the player is still contracted to the club, it seems that Diego Costa is as far away as ever when it comes to complying.

In fact, according to the leading tabloid publication this nation of ours produces, The Sun, Diego Costa is steadfastly refusing to return to Chelsea to even clear out his locker.

According to our referenced source, Diego Costa has instructed his team-mates to clear out his locker and take what they want.

Furthermore, the same source in the same article infers that the reports of a fee being agreed, in the region of £50 million for the player, with Atletico Madrid isn`t true.

Just how long will this one rumble on for?


4 Replies to “There`s No £50 million Offer for Diego”

  • In the end its the player that looses.Ask balloteli,robinho,tevez.its just down to attitude and disposition.its clear costa was prime to go to china in jan,but he never considered the title winning run he was going to abandon and his team mates talkless of the fan.I lost respect for him since then.If i were chelsea,he wont go to that atletico madrid he will play with the reserves.Hes so irritating that every season atletico madrid comes up in discus of costa,nagging about his old club.Hes just a big bearded baby looking for mammy to feed him.pathetic !!

  • That is what gets me, Atletico played a huge part in this by tapping him up for all of 2015 and through 16.

  • Then I wonder why AM sold him to Chelsea in the first place. He is in his own bubble right now, swinging from tree to tree. The same thing he did to his home country, Brazil. His bubble will burst when he doesn’t get a call up from Spain National Team.

  • Chelsea has been poor in letting players leave, we should have demanded Martial from United for Magic, now also, we should be demanding Griezman for Costa if Atletico Madrid want him at all cost, after all we know Griezman wants to leave, he has 87m buyout clause and this crazy market, he is worth all the penny, beat United to the deal, send Costa to them and ask for Griezman and allow Griezman stay until January simple, and bar the clause, Costa is worth more than Griezman, but that is not the point now, use Costa to get Griezman simple, we need a right sided striker and Griezman is one, he is great on counter art k and will suit us well, Another question is, with the lack of quality Central Midfielder around, why are we not targeting Koke, he will be great alongside Kante, he is also a workaholic and a creator, I Begin to question our views as a club, last time I commented, I said we need another winger that can create chances and open defence, a lot of people argued that it is not priority, I guess Willian answered that yesterday against Tot by proving we need an upgrade, Willian is poor simple and the season is long. We cannot rely on Hazard and Pedro all season, my once cent

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