Date: 4th February 2019 at 5:29pm
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Yet another day has arrived and, yet again, I’m feeling perplexed.

It seems that Jorginho, Sarri’s preferred choice as the holding midfielder has picked up a slight injury.

It’s nothing serious but concerning enough for Maurizio Sarri to consider resting the player.

If that were to be the case then the obvious replacement, in our opinion, is for N’Golo Kante to step back into his preferred role.

But that isn’t how Sarri is thinking.

According to the news vehicle, Goal, Sarri is looking at leaving Kante where he is and playing either Matteo Kovacic or Ethan Ampadu in the role with Sarri quoted by our source as having remarked about resting Jorginho:

“Then, we can play sometimes with Kovacic as a central midfielder and then Jorginho will be able to rest. We are trying in training with two players; the first is Ampadu and the second is Kovacic. It may be that for the characteristics, Kovacic is more suitable for this team.

“As you know, Ampadu is more defensive. Kovacic is really close to Jorginho in moving the ball really fast at one-touch. In the future, I think he will be able to do this position well.”

Unbelievable, but that’s just my thoughts, here at Vital Chelsea, we’d love to read your views in our comment facility beneath this article.

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4 Replies to “There’s Stubborn And Then There’s Sarri’s Version of Stubborn.”

  • Very frustrating even in his observation of how his players play. We all know kante is the Master of one touch play. Kovacic on the other hand likes to dribble past opponents. God help us with this man called Sarri.

  • I think Sarri knows what he is doing. We just have to support him & the team. We just don’t want to back his idea of football thats all, we cannot be complaining about Kante’s role everyday when Kepa is amongst leaders in clean sheets. Our only problem has been scoring goals which he tried to address by signing Higuain. Why should Sarri prioritize on marking when control almost every game we play. He was hired for Sarriball now you are expecting him to ditch what he he knows best., Klopp & Guardiola themselves could not survive in our team

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