Date: 2nd October 2017 at 7:19pm
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Nobody said it was going to be easy, as a line from one of my favourite television programmes of all time inferred.

This morning, I awoke from my slumber, got showered and started to get ready to go to work.

As usual, I switched the TV on and staring back at me was a picture of an aircraft with a familiar colour scheme and a familiar spotty M on the tail.

Instantly, I knew it wasn`t good news and that proved to be the case.

It turned out that the airline, of part of the group of companies I work for, had gone into administration.

I trudged to work not knowing if I had a job or not, thankfully I still did as the Engineering arm of the group of companies I work for was still trading as a separate entity.

But the sad sight of so many fellow work-mates being told they were redundant was a shock to the system.

Later, as I walked past the TV in the office, I noticed the awful goings on in Las Vegas, a city I have an affection for,

Fifty slaughtered and hundreds injured by some mad son of a bitch firing away from the 32nd floor of a hotel that backs onto the one my wife and I use when we go to the strip.

A shocking start to the week and my thoughts go out to all those who lost their jobs at Monarch Airlines this morning and also to the families of all those affected by the awful events in Las Vegas.

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4 Replies to “This is the Modern World”

  • What is the world turning into? Crisis everywhere. Only God can help us. It is everywhere. Some are even worse and it is not on news. May God console the family of the departed.

  • Welcome to America, i do not want to get political about this, but the NRA has a stranglehold on congress . Even this horrible tragedy will not change anything .

  • I don’t know how many more souls have to perish before the US congress would do something about the gun violence in that country. We get that you want to protect 2nd amendment, but this is getting too much. At least, get automatic weapons away from the streets and the hands of civilians; implement some level of common sense regulation… no one should be allowed to own more than one or two guns… Instead of doing this, what they’re pushing for is a bill to allow for silencers on guns, I just don’t get it. The usual argument of NRA is that if more good people have guns they will prevent bad people from killing. This incident clearly debunks that argument.

  • You’re good man, Merlin x And look: an almost sensible comment from Latunvic. I know you’re being reasonable, mate, but nobody in the modern world other than in the military/police needs a handgun or an assault weapon. Nobody. Meanwhile, there were important differences in the recent abomination in Las Vegas. Number one is the b******t statement that people kill, not guns. Well, guess what? If this latest vile scumbag had holed himself up on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay and, say, thrown rocks down at the crowd he may have hurt one or two. Even if he had a hunting rifle, he may have killed two or three (oh, how blithely these never-ending atrocities make us trade in numbers of deaths!). But it was indeed the automatic weapons that killed these tens of innocents – the automatic assault rifles and those alone! Two, the hideous NRA (surely a construct of the devil himself?!) loves to lull Americans into a false sense of security with tricky numbers and ideas. One of their favorites is the idea that these crazy shooters fit certain patterns: somehow deprived adolescents or twenty somethings/terrorists – but this time we have a perpetrator who’s 63, a multi-millionaire, part of no faction – in short, a poster child for – at the very least – a TOTAL ban on civilian handguns and automatic weapons.

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