Date: 18th August 2019 at 1:37pm
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Are we witnessing the slow death of the game we love?

A dramatic opening statement I think you’ll agree!

However, having made such a bold opening statement I’m going to expand and pose a few more questions.

Last night, after a gruelling day doing some house clearing, I sat down to watch the last ten minutes of the Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur game.

With it balanced at 2-2, I’ll openly admit I was praying for Manchester City to get a late winner and they did but didn’t!

When Jesus slotted home an injury-time goal, the Manchester City players celebrated, the Etihad crowd celebrated and, yes, I celebrated.

But, after the celebrations had died down, it appears the curse that is VAR struck.

The goal was chalked off by an official, sat in a studio somewhere, who with his eagle eye spotted that the ball had struck the arm of a Manchester City player, therefore it was ruled as handball and the goal didn’t count.

Now, nobody wants to see a goal allowed that isn’t, but this VAR logic is, in my opinion ruining football.

And these are the reasons why:

1 – It took an age for the goal to be disallowed and when you look at the footage frame-by-frame, a Tottenham defender clearly pulled the arm of the Manchester City player towards the ball, therefore, in my opinion, the goal should have stood.

2 – The time it took for the decision to come through was far too long and resulted in the flow of the game being interrupted for too long, I accept viewing the action takes time, but does it really take that long?

3 – In future, in order to ensure a correct decision is made, could we reach a scenario whereby goals are not awarded until the VAR officials have given the all-clear thereby removing the spontaneous reactions that make scoring such a unique experience in the ground?

Football needs to flow, we don’t need these constant interruptions whilst replay upon replay is studied, okay there have been bad decisions in the past but didn’t they used to say they evened themselves out over the course of the season?

What are your feelings on VAR?

Feel free to drop your viewpoint into the comment facility beneath this article.

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9 Replies to “This VAR Lark Is In Danger Of Ruining The Game I Love”

  • This VAR has come to stay. I think no time is wasted in getting Justice. This will still cut the excesses of the main referee

    • Thank God someone else has noticed this. For the kids and young ones…they don’t mind the disruption of VAR. For is seeing football through the years, you ll realise the use of VAR is the beginning of the end for football. Don’t get me wrong…technology is good if properly used. No one complained when goal line technology was introduced but a situation where excitements…football flow and all that is cut short by someone sitting in a van somewhere is anti football. Its also a technology the Americans are forcing down the throat of everyone after effectively taking control of FIFA post sepp Blatter. Soccer is not American football where VaR was imported from. More sadly it doesn’t even mean justice as its only selectively applied and inconsistent…these days VAR is what u talked about in tournaments, not football..its sad. Just see how football followership will reduce in the years to come if they don’t scrap it…

  • That City disallowed goal was shocking , absolutely shocking …. Jesus had it all to do & scored brilliantly, I can understand just how aggravating the decision was for him …. the minor handball did not even deflect the ball from where it was headed so it was cruel to undo Jesus’s excellence that way.
    That said , if VAR has the effect of preventing defenders wrestling attackers during set-pieces it could lead to more goals & increased excitement too ….. So let’s see if the powers that be use VAR in the best way possible .

  • I said before the season started that VAR would ruin the Premier League because 99% of its use would be to find the slightest reason to disallow goals and this has proved to be the case. The all-in wrestling at corners is still allowed and incidents which are deemed as fouls in any other area of the pitch are not fouls in the penalty box, VAR is only being used by referees in favour of defending teams,

  • Jesus, Lord… get a grip. VAR will be a painful transition, no doubt about it. But there’s too much money in the modern game, to let “the beautiful game” go on, as it ever was. You want no VAR, and blue collar football? Go watch the lower leagues. In case you haven’t noticed, football has evolved beyond your “working man” ethos, of old. Blame the Americans, blame the military, blame the Illuminati, whatever. But I freaking love VAR. I believe that those who deserve to win, should win, no matter what. And if some stupid calls are made, the controversy will drive the necessary changes. The game has ALWAYS evolved, and will continue to do so. In 3 years time, VAR will be so commonplace, and the system will be so well understood, that we won’t even remember the game before it.

  • I threw the Illuminati in the list, just so we could cover Margaret Thatcher, if need be. BREXIT, Trump, Ladbrokes, Dr. Martens… We could just go on and on. In all of this, however, did anyone blame the referee’s association? I’ll bet they’re loving VAR… Who could it possibly work out better for, than them?

    • One of my biggest problems relates to the on-screen showing of the verdict, why have two of the biggest clubs in the country, Liverpool and Manchester United, not been made to have large screens like everyone else?

  • I don’t think the overhead screen was ever really a requirement. Both clubs have stated that they did it differently, so as not to interfere with the fan experience. Take that as you will. Personally, I don’t like having to try to see the screen from my seat at the Bridge. It’s always partially hindered. I’d actually prefer to just see it on the digital marquees. (those things are so damned annoying and distracting, anyway – it’d be the best use of them) Some clubs have stated that they intend to provide a smartphone app for replay, but I think that’s the worst option. Between the idea of using my phone at the match for anything but pics, and the bandwidth saturation that notoriously occurs with so many people in one place, at one time, it just isn’t a great option, IMO.

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