Date: 7th February 2018 at 10:22pm
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With Roman Abramovich giving Antonio Conte a chance to get Chelsea`s season back on track or put another way giving him enough rope to hang himself, attention has to now focus on the Italian.

He`s said he wants to see out the remaining 18 months of his contract, we all know he won`t, but he does have a responsibility to try and finish the season strongly.

The transfer window has gone, the players he has, are the players he`s stuck with, whether he likes it or not. He also always said he`s ‘happy to work with these players`, well now`s his chance. If he is to leave in the summer, there is still plenty to fight for.

With the squad having had three days off to rest, recuperate and reflect, when they all return to Cobham on Friday, hatchet`s must be buried and the season effectively, started all over again. All the nonsense of playing certain players (Bakayoko, Zappacosta) because he believes they`ve been foisted on him from above, has to stop.

It`s obvious there`s a power struggle going on between the two men, but there can only be one winner. We can argue all day long about how the owner runs his football club on our behalf, but it won`t win football matches. The players may not like the training regime Conte operates but they too, must knuckle down.

Speaking in the The Daily Mail, Giorgio Chiellini has been speaking about Conte`s training methodology. He played under Conte for three season at Juventus and with the Italian national team for two. He knows very well how hard the training is, he puts it down to that Italian temperament

`Italian passion,’ Chiellini says, blowing his cheeks out. ‘It is not only in the match with Conte. It is all day, every training session. He is like a police sergeant. We felt something very special in his atmosphere.`

‘When you finish training, you are dead. Not tired ? dead. You can do it only because you believe in what he does. We had 40 days in France and it was like entering another world. You are 100% with him. He creates an atmosphere, everyone gives energy to each other. For sure he is one of the very best.

Off the back of the last two Chelsea performances, his current charges may not, it would appear, quite be 100% with him. Chelsea have a home against West Brom on Monday, any Chelsea manager, who`s having a tough time fears the Baggies, they`re Chelsea manager killers.

Surely, at around 10pm following the game, we`ll be discussing a fine win. Conte will have returned to his old self, he`ll be smiling and fist pumping with the last two weeks all forgotten. There`s an interesting few days ahead. Certainly the managers pre-match conference on Friday will be one not to be missed.


8 Replies to “Time To Get Back To The Business Of Football”

  • Right Tech……they all need to forget the distraction and refocus. Anything asides from a win will look suspicious on the manager.

  • We wouldn’t be having these Conte discussions if he just accepted that he is at a club being run in a certain way and do everything possible in the interest of the club. But he unfortunately set his mind to oppose the board and make himself look like he is blameless. Nobody expects him to win every game. Even the best team can lose some games but it is the manner of losing. We have lost games in the past but still felt satisfied with the performance of players on the pitch. Conte was and is still a good prospect for Chelsea if only he could moderate his expectations. Chelsea have also and established scouting network, so if they decide to buy a player it means they have seen great potential in the player. We have constantly referred to Kdb, Lukaku and now Salah as players who the club should not have lost but the manager then did not see their value and the board acted to support the manager then. The point is that in as much as Conte have preferences he should also be willing to accept if things go the other way and not always to stand on the platform to tell everyone that the Chelsea board is useless in as far as transfers are concerned. He really needs to work in tandem with the board. We have a lot of players with very good potential including Batschuayi and Bakayoko but these are young players who will rely heavily on the guidance from their manager, however, if the manager will not put in extra effort to bring out the potential out of these young players, am afraid we shall continue wasting talent and regretting in the end. Conte should just forget about what has not happened to refocus on helping his young players to make them blossom. Bakayoko’s first game for Chelsea was against Tottenham and he was exceptional despite just coming back from injury, what then has happened all of a sudden for him to become so clueless on the pitch, slow to react and to be reckless. He cannot keep the ball to his feet any more.

  • Yes Muleya he should just accept it, it?s as easy as that. Yet you guys yourselves lost faith in him and speculate he is on the brink of a sack from our board for being 4th place.

  • No Pavel it is not about being fourth, just look at the teams which have collected 3 points from Chelsea. Apart from Man City the rest are teams below the quality of Chelsea. You can lose to one or two but then a manager ought to learn quickly never to underestimate any team. We had exceptional games against Tottenham and Man United and Bakayoko was pivotal in those games. The problem is that Conte is letting frustrations of missed targets get good of him.

  • Hey I will take losing to all 3 relegation teams home and away if at the same time we win the title, those losses won?t bother me at all. The fact is we are still 4th, and Conte has proven to be able to win trophies as all his prior years show. Judging him by a few games, no matter how bad, is actually the wrong way to judge someone. Instead of judging him on 4 seasons in a row of winning domestic league and currently being 4th, altogether a 5 year criticism, you want to judge him on a handful of games? Lmao.

  • As long as he delivers the goods, it isn’t ok to have errors here and there? A few losses to the bottom feeders and you are out? A trophy less season, sprinkled in with better ones, with not so great results and you are out? What about the players? What are they doing losing to the teams you bring up?

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