Date: 8th June 2012 at 12:08pm
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This is just a short and simple message to all the CPO shareholders who read this site.

Please, please, please, please, please when the time comes, and it will, vote yes on Chelsea’s plans to move home. I understand that it is our home, our only home. But sometimes you’ve got to move on.

When you were young and left home to go to university or make a life of your own, were you looking back and thinking,

‘I can’t leave, I’ve lived here most my life’.

No, you went out on a search for an exciting new adventure and found a new home to call your own. The club understands the historic value of Stamford Bridge, after all Roman is more a fan than an owner. And I’m 100% sure if it was financially viable he would help us to hold onto our cherished ground. But it isn’t. We currently have the 243rd largest stadium in the world (for football) and if you look at this list, it’s rather embarrassing who is ahead of us…

I mean, as stated by someone on a similar article to this, AS Bari, a Serie B team has a bigger ground than us. And they’re not even in their countries main league!

With FFP coming into play, and all us fans expecting the team to experience a transition, how in the hell can we pay for all that without a big stadium and a big sponsorship deal. Samsung, or whoever, will pay far more to see their name on a brand new stadium than on SB, because if we’re honest, when they change the name it’ll still be Stamford Bridge to us.

Also, I hear you all moaning that it would be embarrassing because we wouldn’t fill our stadium. Well at the moment our average BPL attendance is only 600 odd off full, as in completely full. And those will simply be the people who bought tickets but couldn’t make a match.

So please, if not for us fans and not for Roman, do it for Stamford Bridge, let it leave our hearts in a blaze of glory and it be remembered and cherished forever. If we don’t act when the next opportunity arrives, we have no chance of staying within 3 miles, we wouldn’t have the time.

Just remember your loyalty is to the club, our club, not your blinking wallets.

PS: Even if your loyalty is in your wallet, the more seats in the stadium, the cheaper the seats are likely to be, think of it like an investment, except you get given money to participate rather than the other way round.

Win, win. No?

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