Date: 16th May 2006 at 12:55pm
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In the latest of our ongoing series, we welcome ex-pat Tony Gandee, a member of the Perth, Western Australia, Supporters Club.

1. Why Chelsea and when did the passion start?

All of my family were spuds supporters, but (luckily), I was never taken to Three Point Lane, couple of my mates were Chelsea supporters, (and living in Wembley at the time) so it was the 1967 cockney cup that sealed it for me I wanted Chelsea to beat Spurs and in the final, I was so disappointed, and once you go to your first game at the Bridge, well need I say any more!

2.Favourite memory?

Don’t know why this one sticks in me, Seeing Ron “Chopper” Harris score a goal from just over the half way line, at Three Point Lane. It was a goal as soon as it left his foot, I was right behind the goals…. Brill (it was also on Match of the Day when I got home)

3.Best Chelsea XI?

For me it has to be the 1970’s Osgood, Webb, Houseman, McCreadie, Bonnetti Hudson ETC we should have won more than the FA Cup and Cup Winners Cup, But to me they were classy.

4.Worst experience?

Nearly going down to Division 3, losing to the Scouse in this years FA Cup semi.

5.Hopes for the future?

Winning everything possible, love to do the double more times than any other club, would also be great to win the lot in one season

6.Ins and outs this summer?

Hopefully Bridge Stays, looks like we’ve got Ballack, I’d say we need a twenty goal a season centre forward for the Premiership, Billy Gallas to stay, Del Horno can go, not been impressed, looks as if Ricky maybe on his way out with too many fall out with the boss.

7.What advice would you give to José?

Stop the players arguing with the ref, to accept the decision and for Jose to accept defeat with a bit of grace and stop blaming the officials, we can all see what’s going on on the pitch

8.How would you rate this season?

Not as good as last season, but still good, we seemed to drop our game around about Christmas time maybe the World Cup was on too many players minds

9. National team versus Chelsea?

Hmmm, a tricky one I think Chelsea would take it out.

10.What would you improve off the pitch at Chelsea?

We don’t seem to have a good relationship with the press, I’m not sure if that is ever going to change, we need to have people on our side not against us…we’ll see……

Our thanks go to Tony Gandee for taking the time out to Go Under the Spotlight. If you’d like a similar opportunity then contact us at the usual e-mail address