Date: 17th October 2012 at 12:59pm
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All those die-hard Chelsea supporters who willingly trudged around some desolate grounds in our darkest hours, have long since remarked that things are not the same.

Back in those dark-days, the team were cheered vociferously, at all four corners of our fine country, with the team responding as you`d expect.

Sometimes we accepted that our side was no match for the opposition but as they trudged off, after yet another defeat, you could see the hurt in their eyes, you could see that they had given their all and that they were bitterly disappointed at the outcome.

Well how times have changed!

Flicking through my somewhat sodden tabloid papers this morning (yes I got drenched walking into work), I stumbled across the following quotes from Fernando Torres, in the Daily Mirror, that supposedly come from a Spanish media vehicle – El Pais.

Have a read and see what you think,

“I have done lots of things wrong. Last season there was a moment when I lost the values I learned as a child.”

“I had many team-mates who didn`t care about winning or losing if they didn`t play. I didn`t want to be like them but there was a moment I realized I didn`t care either.”

“I also realized I was not happy, as I was not the person I wanted to be. I sacrificed myself for the team, as it was the only way to play.”

Those who adopted that attitude should be ashamed of themselves, even more so considering those that follow Chelsea work damn long hours to afford the extortionate ticket prices!

All we can hope for is an attitude change or is that too much to ask for?