Date: 10th October 2012 at 5:02pm
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In our latest demolition series which we gave Norwich a 4 goal spanking we saw how our team played so beautiful in a style which our owner craves, the sexy football.

We could have scored 6-7 goals but well you know our striker somehow fluffed his chances.

I noticed that our dear Fernando got 3 chances (or maybe more, I was late at watching the game) the 1st chance when he receive a Hollywood pass from Frankie, he was storming to the penalty area and when we just waited for him to shoot, somehow he stopped and pulled the ball back. The 2nd was the header which he scored. And the 3rd when he received the ball from Hazard, kicked it but it hit Ruddy’s foot

What I am really shocked about is his 1st. I just screamed at my tv ‘what the heck are you doing Torres? Are you trying to nutmeg the centre-backs? Just shoot FFS!!!’.

And when I watched it again for the 4th time I just see from his body language that he seems so reluctant to shoot, it seems he doesn`t believe in his instinct anymore.

Have you noticed that when he didn’t think so much he actually did some amazing things, examples – his bicycle kick last season which hit the crossbar, his goal against Manure in our 3-1 loss last season, his goal against Arsenal, his header and overhead kick against Norwich.

But when he over thinks about his chances he usually does some stupid things, his decision-making is terrible. I rarely see the Liverpool Torres do some stupid things, at least when he misses it because either the goalkeeper save it or he miss-hit it, not because he over thinks about it.

This syndrome is about how he doesn`t believe his striker instinct is probably because his confidence is still not yet back 100%. He seems afraid to miss a sitter, so he makes sure he gets the best angle to shoot and the result is he over thinks it and then does some stupid things.

My advice is he must trust his instinct. Why is he so reluctant to shoot? If he trusts his instinct I believe he will score more. However I’m not naive, I believe we won`t see the great Liverpool Torres again. His pace and acceleration has been decreased a lot. I rarely see Chelsea Torres do his trademark bursting to the penalty area. But at least we will get 80% of his old self

Last words. I heard the news about how we led the chase for some amazing Colombian striker for the summer 2013. My feelings tell me we will get him I have no doubt about it but only if Torres is not good enough or he somehow misfires again, even with our three amigos, always give him the service he wants