Date: 4th August 2017 at 12:37pm
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When the news broke, yesterday, implying that following Barcelona selling Neymar to PSG, the Catalan giants were looking at acquiring Eden Hazard, we felt we had no choice other than to use our front-page poll to canvas your views.

We asked the very pertinent question – Can you see Barcelona signing Hazard this summer.

We gave you three options to choose form:

? Yes

? No


? Not sure

Your response left us in no doubt as to how you feel this piece of speculation would end.

A massive 82% were of the view that the answer would be no, although the bookies don`t apparently, feel the same with the odds dropping sharply on Hazard joining Barcelona.

As for the remainder of the votes cast, 14% voted for the yes option believing that the talented Belgian was destined to become a star at the Nou Camp.

As for the remainder of the votes cast, 4% were unable to make their minds up and sat on the proverbial fence.

Thank you for your participation.

Our latest poll asks for you to predict the outcome of the Community Shield, this Sunday, against Arsenal.

Please use your vote wisely!

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