Date: 28th June 2011 at 4:40pm
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I’m one of the few that were reluctant to see Boas join us.

Personally, I didn’t want to see anybody else other than Guus Hiddink sitting on that bench. But I was wrong to think that Villas-Boas wasn’t a shrewd appointment (or at least, the few things I’ve read about him made me change my mind).

After being disappointed for a few hours, then absolutely overjoyed and excited, I didn’t wait too long to gather some information on him. I’m not going to talk about his tactical skills or something like that, you know that already. But, something else interested me.

For a young coach of 33, he has to have the balls to say to a player who is almost as old as him that he’s not going to start a game, or that he won’t even make the bench. That’s why I took some time to read that little paragraph about the authority he has in a team.

I’ve read that Boas could handle a team by being domineering without particularly being oppressive. He loves his players, his players love him and they know that they have in front of them someone who they must obey. Good thing, isn’t it?

But outside the dressing room, how influent is he?

Well, all Chelsea fans around the globe are upset to see a manager leave every year, sacked or not. Roman Abramovich might have taken some harsh decisions at times, we know it, and for me I think he realised that getting rid of every manager who doesn’t bring results isn’t the right way to bring long term success to the club, domestically and in Europe as well. Another good thing, isn’t it?

I don’t know how it was at Porto but Andre Villas-Boas seems to be pretty much backed at Chelsea, and himself looks to have established his reputation. How? He looks to be the manager rather than the first-team coach that Carlo was.

Well, it’s not official yet on the CFC website but it seems that he got rid of three of our previous coaching staff. If it’s the case, it clearly proves that Abramovich is giving him all the power to satisfy him, and obviously, as a fair payback, Roman wants to be satisfied too.

And, more recently, the CFC website published a statement saying that our friendly match against Vitesse was cancelled due to the bad timing of this match (only 5 days after the first training session).

Reports are saying that it was Boas who asked to Gourlay to cancel it as he wants to have more time to watch his players during the training sessions before going for the pre-season tour. More proof that he’s giving all the power he needs to succeed.

Don’t forget he looks to have the last word on the signings we we’re going to make all our initial targets (Lukaku, De Bruyne, Neymar) look to be abandoned). So, is it the right way to be successful? Is it the right solution to begin our so much expected revolution? Or is it a risk for him, as he might be capable of doing a mistake?

There have barely been managers who were given all this power when they freshly arrived at SW6.

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