Date: 17th January 2013 at 4:40pm
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Wake up you have had a nightmare, hang on it`s not a dream it`s happened fortress Stamford Bridge has been over run!

No not by Manchester United or Barcelona but QPR, Fulham, Southampton etc what a mess.

Benitez home games in the league well four of them City, Fulham. QPR and Saints got us three points and two goals and the management want Barcelona type football they must be joking.

Talking of jokers we are no better off now than under AVB and RDM so what are our management doing? They don`t seem to recognize the need to develop and with the installation of any new regime it needs time.

Benitez was never the answer, he spent shed loads at Liverpool and never won the title. The trouble is we now have a reputation for sacking even managers who have been successful so who would want the job.

If you look at Manchester United, which I loathe to do, they have let their manager rebuild the team many times and when he does and they don`t win anything do they sack him? Of course not and then they are off winning again, also I think he is allowed to run the club so he knows how his youth are developing and gets who he wants on his playing staff.

We on the other hand have spent £80 million plus on two strikers the managers at the time didn`t want. We desperately need to find a long term man and let him manage but will or can Roman let him?

We need to have a good look at our club, I like all of you am so frustrated at what is happening I have been with the club since 1970 and seen some shockers but I don`t want to see us slide, we have still got chances to put down solid foundations, it needs to start now.

Get a permanent manager who is allowed time and get an experienced football man on the board any other suggestions out there?