Date: 19th April 2017 at 9:59am
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In the aftermath of the 2-0 defeat, at the hands of Manchester United, on Sunday, the inquest has been on-going.

An air of bewilderment descended upon those who follow the club who couldn`t work out how a side that had dominated the Premier League since losing away to Arsenal, could give such a lacklustre display.

Oaky, our preparations were hit by the absence of Thibaut Courtois and also the late withdrawal of Marcos Alonso, but we still have had enough in the tank to at least produce a shot on target.

However, lurking in the pages of a very well respected and established newspaper, The Guardian, is the suggestion that the poor performance was down to a virus that ripped through the squad.

It seems that the squad went out for a team bonding meal which only served to allow the virus to spread.

Both Victor Moses and Diego Costa were affected with the former lasting just fifty-four minutes before being withdrawn and the latter looking off-key all game.

If that was the case then let`s hope a virus-free squad turns up at Wembley this Saturday, for the FA Cup semi-final against Tottenham Hotspur!


14 Replies to “Was a Virus to Blame?”

  • ITK: Chelsea lost to Man Utd because a section players (not John Terry) were disgusted to find that their clubs fanbase is made up of Right-Wing, BNP voting, gas chamber mimicking racist scumbags.

  • Even if i accept some of the blame on the virus, still ticked off about Costa flopping his ass to the ground the whole game.

  • No excuse for Costa he has been crap since January, and Luiz has reverted back to his old self, though his distribution is still good .

  • KierzoSBC are you some kind of moron if you said that to my face I’d tear your head off

  • It’s almost getting to the stage that a straight red card for Costa on Saturday might solve Conte’s problems. If we can get Hazard, Willian & Pedro all flying forward at speed and interchanging positions it might bamboozle mid-table defences with nothing much to play for. Much as I hate to say it, if Costa keeps performing like Sunday Chelsea are not going to get the points needed to win the title. If that happens not only will Costa be leaving in the summer but I seriously believe Conte’s position will be in jeopardy.

  • Guys, guys, no excuses as @BlackRussian said. Conte says to blame it all on him, he definitely knows why he said that…hoping things go our way in the top liner against Spurs

  • @herefordchelsea – you can’t accuse someone of being a moron when you reply like one. It’s one thing to make empty internet threats that you can’t possibly ever make good on, and another to be so undone by the words (WORDS, mind you) of a simpleton, that you’d even think of trying. Self-medicate, bro… Now.

  • Am with Conte on this one, we lost & he’s man enough to accept full responsibility. No blame game as it used to be, respect! Hoping bit of everything including luck goes our way next time. KTBFFH!!!

  • Hey, KierzoSBC… Where are you, bitch? Come back and tell us how great Spurs were… What’s that you say? The Racists were twice as good as Spurs, on the day? Oh, OK! Thanks, bro!

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