Date: 24th January 2014 at 7:36am
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It`s not welcome!

Following the suspected sale of Juan Mata to Manchester United, for a fee rumoured to be in the region of £37 million, our friend, Arsene Wenger, over in North London, seems to have a thing or two to say about us.

Although we should be, perhaps, honoured that Le Professor has decided to share his opinions on the Mata saga with us, I`m probably not the only one who believes he`s sticking that long nose of his in where it is not wanted.

Making his own suppositions on the Mata deal, Arsene is quoted as having remarked,

“I`m surprised Chelsea have sold Mata to a rival – I think it is for financial reasons.”

“It`s the first time I have come to that conclusion with Chelsea and means something`s changed with their philosophy.”

“Last year they lost £50 million. If they get £37 million for Mata and £18 million for De Bruyne, they want to get in line for Financial Fair Play.”

“Until now we only had one or two billionaires in football. But now we are fighting on more even ground, so we all have to respect some rules.”

Does anyone recall when Wenger got extremely upset over that voyeurism episode?

Well perhaps he should keep that long snout out of our business and concentrate on winning a trophy, something he doesn`t appear to have done for almost a decade!