Date: 11th June 2017 at 11:30am
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Recent events in both London and Manchester have only served to highlight the worrying times we live in.

It`s fair to say that despite the good work of the security forces we`re all wary of the threat posed to our everyday lives by those who commit terrorist atrocities.

Last week, a tense situation in the Middle East saw Qatar ostracised by other Middle Eastern countries, notably Saud Arabia, for their continued support of ISIS.

As a result, the Daily Mail, is reporting that it is now having an impact in football.

One of Europe`s leading clubs, Barcelona, carry shirt sponsorship displaying the name of Qatar Airways.

Shirt sponsorship over recent years, has become a huge financial revenue stream and is welcomed by all clubs.

Some clubs are fortunate enough to receive two revenue streams from different companies, one for the match-day kit and one for the training gear.

But the events of last week have seen sinister developments.

Our referenced source is reporting that anyone caught wearing a Barcelona shirt, complete with its Qatar Airways endorsement, in Saudi Arabia, could be fined anything up to £120,000 and also be given a 15-year prison sentence.

Whatever happened to peace on earth and goodwill to all men?

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