Date: 15th July 2018 at 5:30pm
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The arrival of a new boss will, inevitably, see changes made to the squad.

One area of the squad that Maurizio Sarri will have to serve judgement on pretty quickly is the midfield.

In the last twelve months, Chelsea have added significantly to that area of the squad, last summer they brought in Tiemoue Bakayoko and then further added Ross Barkley and Danny Drinkwater, neither of whom made the kind of impact hoped for.

Already, this summer, the club has spent big bringing Jorginho to the club, for a reputed £50 million from Napoli.

Throw into the mix the fact that the club also has N’Golo Kante and Cesc Fabregas on the books and you can see that we’re overloaded in that part of the pitch and that’s without even considering the emergence, as a Premier League player, last season of Ruben Loftus-Cheek.

By my reckoning, Sarri will have at his disposal

• Jorginho
• Kante
• Barkley
• Loftus-Cheek
• Drinkwater
• Fabregas
• Bakayoko

surely too many even when you consider we’ve been lumbered with a Europa League campaign.

But, with the duo of, we’d imagine, Jorginho and Kante set to take centre-stage, which of the others can you see having a future at Chelsea and which will be either sent out on loan or sold?

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23 Replies to “What To Do With Chelsea’s Overloaded Midfield Department”

  • Drink water and Fabregas should go. A three man combo of Kante, Jorgingho and Cheek will be fine, with Kante sitting slightly behind to mop up as the other two assist the strikers.

    • in fact I was excited as the club brought in such a skillful player in person of Jorgingho.So, in midfield the pairs of Barkley, Kante and Loftus-cheek should be an important one.

  • Sell drinkwater, sell fabregas too, he’s ageing. we’ve got jorginho that got long range passing accuracy like fabregas.. so jorginho, kante and barkley should be a starter then bakayoko and cheek will be their sub

  • yes fabregas and drinkingwater and bakayoko needed to be sale out because their no use for the cub as of now.

  • Kante jorginho and lotus cheek stay and back up will be ampadu and bokoyoko loan fabregas and drink water

  • I can see cesc Fàbregas and drink water sold and loan Ampadu for another month, and that means we will have world champion ( Kanté), Barkley and jorginho as a starter and Bakayoko and luftus as the super sub

  • Fabregas,Drinkwater should be sold,Jorginho,Kante and Barkley should be given more time to play,then Loftus-Cheek,Ampadu should play as sub,Bakayoko should be sold to Sevilla.

    • Joginho, Kante & fab… Cheeks on bench, sell barkeley, drinkwater (cheap) loan bakayoko to Spain or Italy

  • Comment: Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Fabrigas & Pedro should be sold in other to fund money for players coming in to Chelsea squad and to maintain Fifa rules. Ampadu should be loan for club that will give him much play time to develop his game. Kante, Jorginho Should be on starting line up. Cheek and Barkley should be the back up. I think we need another holding mild fielder to support any striker we buy. Please Chelsea board and Sari should do good business on good player in the market this time. I think Cortoise, Hazard and willian likely to leave . Please don’t bring a Armageddon player to chelseafc again. Giroud, Morata and Batsyuahi should be sold. Immobile or Icardi should be the long replacement for our striken force while Lewandowski should come to Chelsea this summer and one of Icardi or immobile. Thanks

  • Let go of D.Water, C.Fab and T.Bakayoko, then let kante and jorginho rule the middle of the park , while Barkly and RLC be a super sub….patient about Morata, free Giroud and bring in Icardi, keep our willian if possible and The legend Hazard

  • Please sell Morata,Pedro and Bakayoko.Please Atletico Madrid defender right back Vsalko,Rugani,Icardi,Alinson and Golovicshould be in Chelsea.

  • I’ve studied a lot into what kind of decision for our midfield would be crucial & i see Drinkwater isn’t Chelsea standard anyway & should be SOLD, fabregas & pedro are aged past their best & Also needs been cut loose too, But BAKAYOKO, BARKLEY & MORATA who barely & lately joined us last season haven’t yet been given that period to jell in, watch out for these guys next season on my words. LOFTUS-CHEEK should stay as well, with AMPADU going out on loan to gain play time experience

  • Don’t make a mistake and let Eden Hazard go!!!
    Chelsea should play 4-3-2-1formation

    Defence~Aziplicueta,Rugani,Vsalko & Alonso




  • this is the best time to sale Hazard, Drinkwater,Pedro, Cahill, get us koulibaly mbape or Dybala Kante jorginho Ltc and let’s fabregas Bakayoko and Barkley for substitute

  • Sale Drink water,fab…give bakayoko more time….and don’t dare sell Morava..he is young and has a brighter future. He can do better. Don’t downgrade him…sell giroud and Pedro..bring in icardi …but if you are to bring in higuan don’t sell Morata …if hazard want to go …let him go…rather bring his replacement… Dybala

  • First of all, loan Bakayoko, sell Drinkwater, Fabregas to be used as part of the Milinkovic-Savic deal. Cheek and Barkley use them as subs or league cups and europa. A three man mid will give us more depth of Savic – Kante – Jorgihno.

  • Drinkwater should be sold permanently , Bakayoko should be loaned out for at least 2 seasons with a buy back clause inserted in His contract(if he chooses to leave), allow the younger ones (Barkley &L.Cheek) get some experience with playing time alongside C.Fabregas if he can’t be replaced with a world-class player….groom the team to perfection.

  • As at last season, it’s been so evident that Fabregas has become a liability & no longer an asset to the team. The exclusion of his name from the World Cup squad corroborated my stance.

    • OBI please remind me where Spain reached in the World Cup? Fab may have performed below per but having too intelligent passers in a team is better than 4 Physical players! with what Jorginho has to offer he will still need Kante to protect him from deadly pressing oppositions and he wil still need fabregas or barkley to take him off the bulls eye if you have two passers and two dribblers to contend with and knowing your players can easily get carded for tackles that will make you be more wary of what Chelsea has to offer! barca worked well with Iniesta and Xavi this is the opportunity Chelsea to work magic to the eyes with Jorginho and Fabregas while Kante helps with busting into space and pressing opposition in their half

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