Date: 18th May 2018 at 4:46pm
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This afternoon, on the eve of the 2018 FA Cup Final against Manchester United, Antonio Conte held his pre-match press conference.

Many football pundits are of the perception that this could be Antonio’s last game in charge of Chelsea Football Club before the axe swings.

However, as you’d expect, Conte was giving nothing away when asked the question by one of the massed ranks of journalists, simply replying,

“I can say for sure this will be my last match this season. Then, as you know very well, I have a contract and I’m committed to the club.”

But, here at Vital Chelsea, we have to ask whether Conte’s stock amongst the support is falling.

Although his name is heartily sung at every game, there are those amongst the keyboard warrior fraternity that can’t wait for him to be axed.

Trawling through several tweets we’ve come up with a few that give a negative response with regards to Conte staying at the club.

First up:

Now that would have made the press conference sensational, but it was never going to happen was it.


Surely matters haven’t got that bad, perhaps some people should be careful what they wish for.

Lastly, for now:

Now those tweets were all taken from the official Chelsea Twitter account, so much for getting behind the team and the boss, even more so with the chance to win the FA Cup looming very large on the horizon.

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One Reply to “Whatever Happened to Presenting a United Front”

  • Lol
    Who can blame them
    Conte has managed to suck out all interest in watching Chelsea play
    He’s killed the vibe and enthusiasm with his old formations even bottom table teams have figured out, boring style of play, weird substitutions and times and terrible lineups on match days
    Week in week out
    it’s the same thing…ugh!!
    There’s just no buzz for this final
    Sums up our season
    That’s quite some achievement for a coach
    Conte out whether we win or lose

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