Date: 24th January 2014 at 4:38pm
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As a Chelsea fan it pains me to see our best player for the last two seasons go to our title rivals (not this season though).

As a result of this, there is a lot of cry about us selling Mata to Manchester United but let’s look critically at the situation.

1. Why should £40M sit on the bench or be a sub? That doesn’t seem like good economic reasoning to me. A sale was always the best option.

2. Mata is a favourite of mine due to the amount of talent that he has. However he doesn’t fit into the plans of our coach and for Mata`s sake, a move was the best option, particularly in light of the upcoming World Cup.

3. Salah coming in gives us an option we don’t have now, pace. I liken him to Navas in terms of pace and he does know the back of the net. With him we have the option of lining him against a slow back 4 with a direct route to goal.

4. Finally, with Mata in the team, Manchester United have gotten stronger which may still impact on this seasons title challenge with them helping us to take points of our other challengers.

Why for you think they are complaining now? Don’t let’s forget that this brings in more funds into the club which will come in handy when buying that top class striker to complete our team.

So I ask again, what’s the Mata with the move?