Date: 30th October 2017 at 9:25pm
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As @analooish said in the previous article it`s the media, that`s where the trouble lies. Call me an old cynic, but it appears that the media campaign that has dogged Chelsea`s season so far has taken another twist. At the risk of sounding like an old (or for that matter a new) LP that is stuck in a groove, the ‘Alvaro Morata wants to leave London` story, has used the Spaniards words to suit it`s anti-Chelsea agenda. The Daily Star run a version of the story which carries Morata`s quotes,

`I`m fine, I live in downtown Chelsea. London fascinates me with its multi-ethnicity, the coexistence of cultures and religions, but I do not see myself living here for very long. Too much, too much stress, too many metropolises.`

The Star`s take on it is simple,

`Morata has made it clear he doesn`t plan on staying in London which has cast doubt over his long-term future at Stamford Bridge.`

Or, maybe, just maybe, it means he wants out of the area in London he lives at the moment. He`s under no obligation to live in downtown Chelsea as he calls it. Most of the players live around the Cobham training complex. He`ll probably just move out that way, and that`s probably all he means.

This piece of speculative writing came off the back of an interview Morata gave to Italian newspaper Gazetta dello Sport in which he outlined his sadness at having left Juventus. He says in the interview that, for him, Italy is the place he would most like to be.

Following on from Antonio Conte accusing the media of writing bulls**t at the weekend, it seems their campaign to unsettle Conte`s team has found a new target.

In the time it`s taken to write this, it would appear that Morata has come out and spoken about the original article. He claims the interview has been lost in translation.

`We have a problem of understanding the interview. If Chelsea offered me ten years I would probably sign it. If I can make good and improve I can maybe stay here longer than five years. All I said was that I was happy at Juventus.`

The Sun carry this side of the story. Obviously at some point in the future Morata will move away from Chelsea, but given he`s just arrived, to suggest he might leave is simply ridiculous. Morata finishes by saying,

`I want to say in the future when I finish my career I move from London, but I am happy in London with my wife. I really like London now, but when I finish my career and I have a child I might want to move back to my country, this is normal. It is stressful only because of the traffic, but it is a wonderful city.`

To say it was lost in translation is a generous view, more likely, what was reported, was done in a way that implies something the interview didn`t say.

It seems at the moment, any slightly negative story about Chelsea can get twisted to suit the needs of those intent on causing unrest. Once again though, those that want to disrupt Chelsea Football Club have been thwarted, for now.

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5 Replies to “Where Does The Trouble Lie With Chelsea Pt. 2”

  • So, this morning it’s all about Morata making a U-turn. Not twisting his words to make it seem like he wanted to leave. I’m not sure the press will able to sustain this level anti-Chelsea bias for much longer. Whilst Chelsea are winning they are going to look increasingly stupid. Let’s hope the wins keep on coming.

  • i would prefer if Mr conte don’t respond to these thing because if the coach responds its when you give the media the momentum to write so many bad news

    Hop to carry the day this night
    # Go Chelsea go#

  • Actually if you read the original (translated) interview in full, there is absolutely nothing in it that is a cause to worry. This is a classic case of part quotes being taken in isolation to suit an agenda, and we all know what that agenda is.

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