Date: 17th June 2017 at 6:54pm
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In what has become a regular occurrence following a successful season, vile forces in the corridors of Stamford Bridge are willing to risk everything for their moment in the limelight.

Via their personal bullhorn, The Telegraph of London, these forces have struck directly at manager Antonio Conte this morning in a disgraceful piece entitled Chelsea will not rip up winning formula to appease manager and Antonio Conte cannot hold Roman Abramovich to ransom

The opening paragraph alone is an insult that The Don will find very difficult to swallow:

“Antonio Conte will be fighting a losing battle if he tries to take full control of Chelsea?”

The sheer provocative nature of the opener is confirmed later when CFC board mouthpiece/Telegraph writer Matt Law admits Conte has not actually communicated any displeasure with the board! What the- ??!!

The rest of the piece is a cesspool of imaginary scenarios and threats of how CFC will repel any kind of interference from a mere manager.

And here`s the killer line:

“Despite managerial changes, Chelsea consistently win silverware and deal well in the transfer market. Even the players who make minimal impact on the first team are generally sold on for a profit.”

What a truly bizarre thing to write. Who does this paragraph benefit and praise?

Those familiar with my writing may remember a primer I delivered on how to read the media.

One of the beginner`s tricks is identifying the origins of quotes or ideas: when you read a contentious quote or bizarre piece of information, keep reading and the person the quote/idea benefits will appear in the piece by name.

In the meantime, examining the section above about how wonderful Chelsea`s transfer dealings are whether or not players actually end up playing for us(??!!), the architect of those transfers is? Michael Emenalo.

And, lo and behold, his name turns up in the piece. In the very last paragraph – a paragraph tacked on with no connection to what went before; as a favour perhaps:

“Chelsea technical director, Michael Emenalo was one of 23 candidates to be awarded with the Uefa Pro coaching licence at a graduation ceremony at St. George`s Park.”

So, to recap Matt Law`s trash: Chelsea managers come and go but the club always succeeds thanks to Michael Emenalo`s transfer dealings and Michael Emenalo is now a qualified Premier League coach too.

If, like me, you just threw up in your mouth, I share your pain.

At a time when we should be moving forward as one, hearts full of joy and expectation, ‘sickening` is the only appropriate word.


133 Replies to “Who Is Destabilising Conte And Why?”

  • Here is my take. This is all made up. Lets not forget that it was Emenalo who actually fought to bring Conte to Chelsea. And this is all about someone speculating to sell papers. Thats is why the sources cannot be named. This is all a ploy to bring division and all of sudden a non story has become headlines news without anyone verfying any facts. Stan my man you are falling for their devious ways. This is a non story playing out because Man City and Man U made a couple of moves. Look here all our real targets are still on the market. And let me remind you that when Chelsea makes a move its always a surprise. So the rag tag papers are justing selling their fake rumours and lies. I for one will bet that there is nothing remotely close to what they are saying.

  • For once lets trust the board. Lets not be divided by outsiders and Stan dont be a mouth piece for these people. I know you have never liked Emenalo but fact is he has been an integral part of our success. I strongly object to the tone of your piece. As they say with great power comes great responsibility. You have a lot of influence on this forum through your articles. I would think you might wanna exercise some caution when you write mate. This is all rumours and you have fallen for it hook line ans sinker.

  • I hope you’re right faara23. So explain why it happens to us and only to us after every successful season. There are dark forces at play here, forces determined that one successful manager after another be put in their place as regards the credit they deserve. We all understand the incredible job that the owner has done and does – Conte has done nothing but offer praise. So who’s left to fight for credit? And now we are told he has the final qualification to prove his managerial chops?! It’s as plain as the nose your face matey. Hence my opinion. Just an opinion like yours faara23. And you know what? I truly hope.youre right. But CFC history suggests otherwise.

  • There will be no new players paraded around in an Adidas shirt! The deal with Nike begins on july 1 (my 60th birthday) and i expect a nice present or two.

  • Faara you are way off base , Emenelo wanted Pelligrini, that is a known fact and Pelligrini was headed our way until Roman decided to call Ancelotti , Carlo advised Roman and Marina to go for Conte . By the way we just lost Danny Alves a free transfer to City, another Conte target gone . While we remain ignorant of the behind the scenes wheeling and dealing its obvious something is going on . First this turmoil seems to have been started by Costa, whatever he texted back to Conte that caused him to say he had no future, seems to have kicked it all off , when the boards mouthpiece Matt Law comes out, than we know something is going on . The same thing is stated on WAGNH by the way, so its not just me saying this . At some point Emenalo will get a shot at manager , i think we all know this . This drama is going to play out in the coming weeks whatever the ending , the bigger question is why must we always have such drama ?, other teams are getting their ship in order, why cant we ?, especially so soon after 2015/16.

  • This “us against the world” was created in Mourinho’s time. Things that other teams will and be fine suddenly becomes a crime if Chelsea do the same. My conclusion is that they are jealous of our success. They would have been happy if the monopolistic power of Man utd has not been broken.

  • This “us against the world” was created in Mourinho’s time. Things that other teams will and be fine suddenly becomes a crime if Chelsea do the same. My conclusion is that they are jealous of our success. They would have been happy if the monopolistic power of Man utd has not been broken.

  • I think its a fact we are hated by a lot of people. They have never forgiven us for destabilising the status quo of Man U winning the title every year. These are the same people when Jose was at Chelsea they derailed him and called him all kinds of names. Now Jose can do no wrong. Its politics and tabloids out to sell a paper. Chelsea always sets the tone of the transfer market without any activity from us there nothing to write about except speculation and innuendo. I was thinking how someone should be writing an article about the success of our loan system where our kids have won cups in Holland promotion in England appearances in the Germany Cup final appearances in the Champions league albeit a short one. It has been a very successful time for a lot of our players. Truthfully none except Andreas is ready for first team football but fact remains they are better players for it. They have to kick on now and step up a gear where ever they go. I would rather talk about how everyone laughed when we brought Luiz back and how some here were saying that it was not Conte’s decision and now I can proudly say Luiz was the best CB in the league this year. About how we sold Oscar, Brana, Obi and still won the title. Stan my man you know why its always us. They hate us. They want to see us fail. They have said everything about Abramovich because he never gives them the satisfaction of an interview. Yet he has proven time and time again that he is a great owner. We might not agree with some of his methods but they work. There is absolutely nothing to this story.

  • Sorry Michael you are the one who is way off base. Even before we brought Jose back. Emenalo wanted to bring Conte. Dont just make up stuff.

  • It doesnt really matter anyway how we got Conte. He is here to stay. Like I said lets not let people with fake agendas and ulterior motives spoil the off season. Lets just enjoy winning the league and wait the board will make the right decisions. I am sure we have our targets. And I know we will get them. One thing I have come to understand with how Chelsea do business is that we rarely make our intentions public. I wouldnt be surprised if we dont make one really really big move that will shock everyone. Watch this space. My feeling is Mbappe is coming

  • Your positivity and naivety is stunning faara23. Don’t let precedent or facts get in your way pal

  • its a way of making Conte and Chelsea have difficult start to the season ahead. All those man u supporting tabloids are there to ruin our season. knowing full well that conte is a never say die manager. its just a plot, we will get over this and move on. i believe chelsea have maquee sighnings on card for the season and we are good to go and win more laurels. .

  • Didn’t they talk the same nonsense after the arsenal defeat and look what happened! Anyway: 1) If Conte leaves where would he go? All the top highest paying jobs are taken. 2) Ain’t Conte sunbathing in some hot country somewhere? Surely if he’s gona fall out with the board it would be during the season, not when he’s off building sandcastles. This is an old story the papers like to run when theres nothing to report on and right now there is nothing.

  • Its not being naive. The same could be said for you too Stan. You are falling for a fake story from a tabloid that has no facts to back it up. You have no facts and yet you just jumped on the band wagon and spreading disease among the Chelsea fans. Fact is noone not a single person besides those in the inner circle know whats going on. So dont pretend to have some inside information fact is you wrote an article with no facts and based on pure speculation. And for you to call me naive. Really Stan my man come on. Thats uncalled for especially coming from a man of your stature. Why do you need to create animosity towards the board.

  • Instead of being a gossip mongerer how about you right something positive. That why sometimes I dont visit this forum there so much negativity and know it alls. Like I said write about something positive. I gave you a topic about our successful loan system or the job the board has done in the last 13 years. Come on man.

  • Faar just google it Emenalo wanted Pelligrini fact , it was even debated to death here on this board, dont try and make ***** up and revise history . Google it first please or look in the archives here or WAGNH .

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