Date: 11th January 2018 at 6:42pm
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Or to put it simply, here`s the poll result.

Months in the making, the scene was finally set, there would be no time for verbal exchanges any more, this time the action would be in the ring.

Announced months ago, both fighters had been hidden away in their training camps, honing their bodies to perfection, learning their moves and developing their power.

With the arena full, it was Antonio Conte who made his way to the ring, dressed all in blue with the strains of ‘The Liquidator` greeting his ring entrance. Climbing through the ring, Antonio looked a man on a mission, his torso glistening with the sweat from his build-up in the dressing room.

Next into the ring was Jose Mourinho, dressed all in black, the bad-guy in this scenario, ambling in to the tunes of ‘The One and Only` with a crescendo of boos greeting his arrival. Climbing between the ropes, Jose greeted the crowd with a wry smile.

Called together by the referee, both fighters were eye-to-eye, both refusing to blink before they made their way bac to their respective corners to await the sound of the first bell.

Once sounded they were soon head-to-head in the ring, Conte unleashing a few jabs, urged by his corner to ‘work, work` whilst Mourinho soaked up the pressure, looking to launch a swift counter-attack.

The first few rounds saw the same pattern, with Conte on top, beating out a rhythm to the ‘work, work` mantra coming from his corner. The pattern only occasionally broken by a sly-dig from Mourinho delivered with a wry smile as he tried to get back into the fight.

The rounds passed quickly, the action remained frenetic until come round eight, when Mourinho caught Conte with a low-blow the crowd booed, Mourinho beckoned his opponent to come forward as Conte struggled to get back into that ‘work, work` ethic.

Two rounds to go, Conte had put a decent lead together, but Mourinho was always looking to catch his opponent late in the rounds, eager to catch the eye of the judge and score valuable eye-catching points late on.

The bell heralded the sound of the final round both protagonists briefly touched gloves, but there were no pleasantries exchanged, just a desire to finish each other off. Cote remained the busier, stalking his opponent around the ring whilst Mourinho looked to deliver that devastating counter attack.

But it wasn`t to come, the bell sounded and once the hullaballoo had died down the verdict was announced, Conte had the decision, 93 blows landed to the 7 of Mourinho.

Or in normality, 93% of you thought Conte would beat Mourinho in a fight between the two following their recent spats whilst only 7% opted for the Portuguese Special One.

A slightly different way of announcing a poll result methinks!


2 Replies to “Who Would Win a Fight Between Conte and Mourinho?”

  • Mourihno is just a self deduded fellow who’s frustrated at his own inability to win the league this season and looking for ways to vent his frustrations.

  • LOL of course Jose would come out of that room with a broken nose! He is jealous at how much love we have for Conte and worried that if Conte stayed longer who would beat most of his records and that would make him old news!

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