Date: 24th May 2012 at 4:41pm
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We have all seen the rumours, read the articles, flirted with the ideas and guessed the outcomes. But who would you prefer out of the three.

And when I say ‘three’ I am of course referring to Hazard, Hulk or Lucas Moura

Rumour has it we have put in bids for all three, whether that is fact or fiction remains to be seen, but where there is smoke there is fire. So I have thrown in my two cents worth on the three of them and who I feel would be best:

1.Lucas Moura – Fantastic talent, brilliant on the ball and doing all the right things to ensure he becomes a great. But he comes across as another ‘Neymar’ who under the steady guidance of Pele and co, will be pushed towards the Italian and Spanish sides rather than the EPL. His rumoured price of 35mil is outrageous as well and I wouldn`t want to see us taking such risks on a 19 year old who is yet to set foot on European soil.

2. Hazard – There is something bugging me about this boy. He sits around in France leaking clues of which destination he will grace next like he is the God of football. I get the fact it`s a tactic to spark a bidding war, but many rumours suggest he is a selfish, self absorbed know it all. He is an exceptional talent and a definite match winner but I get the feeling if he comes to us, every transfer window we would be waiting around for him to be whisked off to Spain. Tactically speaking, with Mata, Marin and De Bruyne all left sided players I am not sure he is the one we should be going for anyway.

3. Hulk – The one I want. Is he as naturally gifted as the two above? No probably not, but does he fit the CFC system and what we need? Yes. With Drogba gone and the need for some balance down the right, Hulk can fill the void of striker or right sided forward. He is powerful, unpredictable and can bring an array of set piece specialities with him. One sticking point is his fee, but I feel if we willing to pay £32mil for a Lucas Moura we shouldn`t hesitate at pushing the bar for a Hulk.

I wrote this assuming we would be in a position whereby we can only have one of the above. They all exceptional talents, but we live in the real world and would be lucky to get our hands on one of them. Let me know who you would prefer. #Sillyseason

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