Date: 22nd April 2017 at 11:07am
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This afternoon, at Wembley Stadium in the FA Cup semi-final, Antonio Conte has a difficult decision to make.

With Gary Cahill`s absence confirmed, Antonio Conte must decide who, in Cahill`s absence should captain the side.

With the official club skipper, John Terry, expected to be on the substitutes bench, Conte must decide which of his starting eleven will be his leader on the pitch.

The boss will be looking to give the armband to somebody who can lead by example, cajole those who might not be performing as they should be and who are also able to lift the team if they suffer an unexpected set-back.

Looking through the expected starting eleven, two possible candidates stand-out, David Luiz and Eden Hazard.

Hazard has captained his country, Belgium, on several occasions, whilst David Luiz has that infectious personality needed to lift a side, whilst both can do something unexpected but of benefit to the side, which of the two would you opt for?

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10 Replies to “Who`ll Captain Chelsea this Afternoon?”

  • I think Luiz having left the club to PSG & back this season has lost some seniority. The most senior group in absence of Terry & Cahill are the 2012 batch. These include Marko Marin, Eden Hazard, Oscar & Caesar Azpilicueta. Hazard signed in May/June while Azpilicueta in August; & since both of them are regulars for club, Hazard edges it for me as he is equally regular & even captained the National Team. So my take is on the most experienced & regular player capable of providing leadership & drive the team…..enter Eden Hazard. KTBFFH!!!

  • Why would you include Marko Marin and Oscar in this group? Have you not heard – they’ve moved on… Also, Eden Hazard is not captain material, bro. You don’t get the band, just because you have been around for awhile. Captaincy requires special attributes, and while Eden is a great footballer, he is definitely not who I’d want marshalling the squad. He is the player who is given the most freedom on the pitch. The captain needs to be the one who has the most rigid discipline in his given position.

  • Hazard, by all accounts, is not the most intelligent footballer. Dazzling to watch, for sure. But that’s his individual talent showing. There are many accounts that stipulate that Hazard is tactically, a bit dim. So again, not the captain. Ever.

  • I suppose the sensible choice is Luiz, would love Hazard to captain but it’s too big of a gamble today.

  • I mentioned the names of players that signed for us after winning the CL, can recall Cahill joined just six month earlier, & that didn’t suggests my lack of knowledge of our players that moved on @Solid7. I respect to every opinion expressed here, but Conte decides who leads the players out, can’t be surprised as it may be Hazard or whoever the Don sees fit. Last time I checked Eden successfully captain Belgium in Euro 2016 & did well. So you are free to disagree & another person will disagree with your position as well. That is the essence of the forum, agree to disagree until the final decision (line up) is officially confirmed. But one thing I know nobody can take away from Hazard is his experience leading his NT in Euros. FACT! KTBFFH!!!

  • Hazard should be captain, for today and subsequently next season when we replace Cahill in the team. He may not be the most charismatic but being captain would give him the extra responsibility to lead by example with his performance. It is also a way to tie Hazard down for several seasons. It’d be more difficult for him to push for a move away if he was captain.

  • You are assuming, of course, that he actually wants to be captain… Yes, Conte decides. I absolutely believe that Antonio Conte knows football better than Roberto Martinez and Marc Wilmots combined, and squared. So we shall see. I honestly can’t figure how Eden Hazard can be an effective captain, given the position he plays. But that’s just me. (as you stated)

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