Date: 8th October 2009 at 4:25pm
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Several Internet portals are following a story which, I believe, originated from the Sun.

It regards an interview Didier Drogba’s mother gave and how she called him ‘Tito` when he was young!

Apparently, she used to call him ‘Marshall Tito’, as she was a big admirer of a former leader and president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito!

For all of you, especially the younger generations, not familiar with Tito, in short, he was the guy responsible for organising many nations from the Balkans in uprising and confronting Nazi Germany when they invaded the Balkans.

He afterwards formed the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia which constituted Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

After World War 2 he was elected lifetime president of Yugoslavia and gave himself a title of a Marshall. Though there are many stories related to Tito, from positive to controversial and negative, he will be mostly remembered as the guy who made Yugoslavia on of the most prosperous countries in the world while opposing both Western and Eastern political pressures to take sides!

On a personal note: He was the guy who’s strong leadership made my country (Bosnia) stay intact in its historical borders after World War 2, when many neighbouring countries tried to divide it.

Hence, he is one of my all time heroes as well. What happened after he died and during 1990’s in my country is another story!

Now, going back to the beginning of the story, can you imagine my delight upon reading the story of how DD’s mother called him ‘Tito` when he was little…Now, I have a new ‘living Tito’ to admire!


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