Date: 19th November 2012 at 6:34pm
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The manager’s office at Stamford Bridge has had many users in the past decade.

The office has seen it all from a strong headed Jose, a hot-headed AVB, a cool and calm Carlo and the experience of Hiddink.

But not one could do what RDM achieved and in my opinion he had inherited the weakest and the smallest squad of all and yet he succeeded.

How did he do it?

No random guy can come and win the UCL just with luck and beat the likes of Barca and Bayern on the way and not only that he played with a very weak team in the EPL yet he just lost 3 matches last season and he also won the FA Cup.

All the players love him, his team is third in the league even though his captain JT,Super Frankie Lampard and Ashley Cole are injured and his main man Fernando Torres has been out of form and he has no one else up front to replace him (even Studge has struggled with injuries).

His new signing, Marin has been out injured as well and still there are rumours appearing that Roman wants Pep Guardiola to manage us next season almost everywhere on the web.

And with our history such rumours will fly around, but the problem is that all the media have been claiming that it will happen irrespective of what happens this season.

This is very, very disrespectful towards RDM. What wrong doing has he done so far to get such treatment. WTF is this? This really is annoying and sad and I hope Mr.Roman comes out and clears the air!

I have faith in RDM and I know we will have many trophies to show come May 2013