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In my first article I saber made a strong case for Jose Mourinho and why he is the best manager there is for Chelsea.

Hours after my article, and less than 48 hrs after my prophetic article on Mou’s return Jose Mourinho the man himself has sent out his strongest hint yet of his desire to return to England. Its almost as if we are picking up on each others signals. Joking aside! In my first part, the comments sparked a rage of debates. I as the author of the piece feel the need to explain my views to the misinformed and those who spread falsehood.

GabeU my good friend says ‘trust but verify’ so I`ve done a detailed analysis in the last 24 hours to come up with factual answers. I now list my sources…

1. (for transfers)
2. Jose Mourinho fact files
3. Three documentaries (available on You Tube) by respectable sources like the BBC and sky….(doc length in brackets so you don`t confuse it with other stuff)

a) Footballs best managers – Jose Mourinho (26:19)
b) Jose Mourinho documentary full NEW 2012 (46:45)
c) Jose Mourinho – a translators dream (34:59) (not available on mobiles)

4. Countless interviews from Mourinho, his detractors, supporters, biographers…

After a thorough research I will now attempt to debunk every lie that has been made of a man whose image has been twisted beyond truth that even his own hate him. I will attempt to handle the readers of my previous articles on an individual/group basis. I hope merlin bears with the length of the article as it will be biased for me not to state the accusation / misconception before replying.

I wish to explain to the readers excepting one or two that this is not a criticism of you but an attempt to clarify myself as I feel you`ve a right to the best of all that is saber –

1. I agree with most of your points Saber. I sincerely hope that Roman Abramovich will swallow his pride on this one – if he does I think the Chelsea fans will love him forever….at least i will :)) Having said that, I struggle to see how the Emenalo / Mourinho combo can work (this is the only one of your points I don`t quite agree to) – JohnnyOz

SABER – Johnny, I`m glad you agree with me on most points, I for one like most did have a bad picture about Emenalo post Ray Wilkins sacking. But he has won me over with some incredible displays of shrewdness. Torres was an Abramovich purchase. Apart from that he has successfully ensured certain brilliant signings. Luiz (23mil) Ramires (18mil). Then he got Lukaku and De Bruyne who I`m sure will be real value for money in 2 yearrs. Piazon is another. Meireles, Mata and Romeu were AVB buys. Emenalo was instrumental in the Cahill deal when we had competition. His best signing was Oscar who is a real steal. None in the media or fan sites linked / wanted him strongly. Hazard chose Chelsea over City and United (who offered the same wages as we did), surely the Technical Director had a role to play. Moses was a steal for £10 million whom the likes of @mq were screaming for £40 million Hulk. Hulk went to Zenit and we know how lucky Zenit feel to have him. The Marin deal was a great plan B if we failed to win the Champions League. Azpilicueta was a great buy for that price and age. Also Chelsea are now showing a will to bargain and not loose an arm or a leg for players as once was. For £78 million we got 5 potentially world class players. Mourinho in the new age of FFP cannot afford every player he wants and hence needs a person like Michael to give him great options. Mourinho has no choice as overspending would mean no Champions League and to a coach of his standing that`s not a choice.

Emenalo is not a threat to Mourinho as he is not a potential replacement as Avram Grant was. Nor is he strong headed. Emenalo is not big enough ‘a personality’ for Mourinho to feel uncomfortable about.

2. Lol what heaven would that be? Talk about delusion

@Mq – The same Mourinho who would risk losing just to get sacked thus avoiding compensation? Would you ever understand benching Cech for Turnbull?

@Mq – Why am I even wasting my time…*smh….how crazy of me to even read and respond to an article by a person with a reputation for……..*smh

@Mq – Why anyone would root for a Manager who’d rather lose deliberately to be sacked than resign beats me…*smh

@Mq – Then again, perhaps the author and his ‘ backers’ are naive. Mourinho and Madrid have a contract that whoever terminates has to pay the other ?20 million, so with Jose wanting to leave he knows he can’t get a club to pay off that ?20 million so he’s agitating to be sacked so he doesn’t pay anything, hence him dropping Iker and publicly criticizing the squad at times

@Mq – If AVB had dropped Cech for Turnbull early last season when Cech was making howler after howler I swear VC would have shut down due to insults yet here are pretty much the same ‘ experts’ condoning Mourinho drop Iker for Adan because he’s their favourite…*smh*

SABER -.My reputation on this site against your son, we all know who`ll lose, by a landslide. @mq’s obsession with me is similar to Barca’s obsession and hatred for the blues.

I’ll now proceed to expose his sheer incompetence and complete lack of intellect by rubbishing his two claims. Firstly Jose Mourinho did not bench Casillas for footballing reasons. It is because of player power and dressing room power struggles. Jose Mourinho, as is widely known, is facing a power struggle with Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos at Madrid this season leading to a pro-Casillas and pro-Mourinho factions in the team. Now before you say more crap about how it`s Mourinho`s fault, I clearly remember how you bitched about Lampard for being the reason for AVB’s sacking.

So it’s not alright if AVB faces player power but its okay if Mourinho does. While I`m clear that player power is a bad thing and the manager has to be the boss at any club, I unlike you tend to apply my principles uniformly. Secondly to even suggest that any manager would lose on purpose is disgusting. Mourinho unlike you is a professional, not a two penny attention seeking individual.

3. Don’t want Moanrinho back – By the time he left the football was dire, with the full backs never crossing the halfway line. The success he had was gained with an unbelievable squad. Cech, Terry, Carvalho, Lampard, Ballack, Essien, Robben, Duff and Drogba all in their prime. He kept bringing the club into disrepute and had to go. – THEBREEZE

SABER – I hear you mate. But he was equally or dare I say more successful with lesser sides both in monetary and skill terms like Porto and Inter. (note – spending far lesser money as less as a fraction as will be proved to you in subsequent answers). One could also argue that Pep did whatever he did because of an even more unbelievable squad (Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and co).

4. To all the comments that point out that Mourinho is so good only because he spent so much money

SABER – I`ve done 5 hrs of painstaking research and to my own surprise my own notion that Mourinho spends too much to succeed is untrue. Here is the proof

I have developed a system to measure success in terms of trophies versus money spent. trophies in order of difficulty level to win have been assigned trophy points as follows


Champions League = 10pts
Europa League = 6pts
League Title = 7pts
Domestic Cup = 5pts
League Cup = 4pts
Community Shield = 2pts

Success ratio = trophy points divided by money spent in millions

Using this index we can see some interesting findings-

Porto Under Jose

Club – Porto 01/02
Manager – Jose (appointed in Jan 2002)
Transfer revenue: 0 – Transfer expenditures: 0 £ = 0£ (winter transfers; the ones Jose was in charge of)

Club – Porto 02/03
Manager – Jose
Transfer revenue: 15.664.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 10.032.000 £ = +5.632.000 £


? Primeira Liga
? Taça de Portugal (Domestic Cup)
? Europa League

Club – Porto 03/04
Manager – Jose
Transfer revenue: 8.800.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 9.240.000 £ = -440.000 £


? Primeira Liga
? Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira(community shield)
? UEFA Champions League

Net Expenditure = +5.192million (profit)
Trophies = 6
Trophy points = 7+5+6+7+2+10=37
Success ratio – 37 free trophy points at a profit

So Jose Mourinho made a profit of 5 million and won 6 trophies including the Champions League, the Europa League and 2 League Titles

Inter Under Jose

Transfer revenue: 6.688.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 53.328.000 £ = -46.640.000 £


? SerieA
? Supercoppa Italiana


Transfer revenue: 95.832.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 82.896.000 £ = +12.936.000 £


? Serie A
? Coppa Italia
? UEFA Champions League

Net expenses = 33.704mil
Trophies = 5
Trophy points = 10+5+7+7+2=31
Success ratio = 1.087 million for every trophy point, for every million spent Jose has a trophy point

Madrid Under Jose

Season – 10/11

Transfer revenue: 8.800.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 81.840.000 £ = -73.040.000 £
(including great buys like -15.840.000 £ Ozil 12.320.000 £ Khedira 29.040.000 £ Di Maria) 7.040.000 £ carvalho)


? Copa del ray

Season – 11/12

Transfer revenue: 7.040.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 48.400.000 £ = -41.360.000 £


? La Liga

Season – 12/13

Transfer revenue: 28.600.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 26.400.000 £ = +2.200.000 £


? Supercopa de España

(We are only going to take into account first two seasons as 12/13 is going on and Real can still win trophies this year)

Net expenses = 109million
Trophies = 3
Trophy points = 5+7=12
Success ratio= 9.083 million for every trophy point(that number will change monumentally if Real win even a single trophy this year as they have spent no money this season. For example if they win Copa del Ray or Champions League or both the number could fall to 6.3 or 4.9 or 3.96 respectively)

Chelsea Under Jose

Season – 04/05

Transfer revenue: 2.904.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 142.472.000 £ = -139.568.000 £


? Premier League
? League Cup

Season – 05/06

Transfer revenue: 29.920.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 80.718.000 £ = -50.798.000 £


? Premier League
? Community Shield

Season – 06/07

Transfer revenue: 44.352.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 83.336.000 £ = -38.984.000 £
Shevchenko (Abramovich buy) – 40.480.000 £


? FA Cup
? League Cup

Net expenses (excluding Shevchenko) = 188.87mil
Trophies = 6
Trophy Points = 7+4+7+2+6+4=30points
Success Ratio = 6.2955million for every trophy point

Chelsea Managers Before Jose

Claudio Ranieri

Season – 01/02

Transfer revenue: 11.633.600 £ – Transfer expenditures: 39.424.000 £ = -27.790.400 £

Season – 02/03

Transfer revenue: 2.816.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 0 = +2.816.000 £

Season – 03/04

Transfer revenue: 836.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 151.536.000 £ = -150.700.000 £
Trophies won = 0
Net expenditure = 175.674 million
Success ratio = no success for money spent

Chelsea Managers After Jose

Season – 07/08

Mourinho / Avram Grant
Transfer revenue: 39.292.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 53.592.000 £ = -14.300.000 £
(no calculation as manager does not last for 12 months)

Season – 08/09

Scolari / Hiddink
Transfer revenue: 38.764.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 26.840.000 £ = +11.924.000 £


? FA Cup

(No calculation as manager does not last for 12 months)

Season – 09/10

Carlo Ancelotti
Transfer revenue: 3.445.200 £ – Transfer expenditures: 26.400.000 £ = -22.954.800 £


? Premier League
? FA Cup
? Community Shield

Season – 10/11
Carlo Ancelotti
Transfer revenue: 14.520.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 111.320.000 £ = -96.800.000 £
Torres-51.480.000 £

Net spend (excluding Abramovich buy Torres) = 68.275mil

Trophies = 3
Trophy Points = 10+5+2=17
Success ratio = 4.016 million for every trophy point (but has a trophyless year; Jose did not, therefore is the more consistent of the two)

Season – 11/12
Andre Villas-Boas / Di Matteo
Transfer revenue: 27.139.200 £ – Transfer expenditures: 91.388.000 £ = -64.248.800 £


FA Cup
Champions lLague
(No calculation as manager does not last for 12 months)

Chelsea Under Abramovich Including Mourinho Era (03-12)

Net expenses(including Sheva and Torres) = 567 million
Trophies = 12
Trophy Points = 67
Success ratio = 8.45 milion for every trophy point

Chelsea Under Abramovich Excluding Mourinho Era

Net expenses (including Sheva and Torres)= 378 million
Trophy points = 30
Success ratio = 12.6 million for every trophy point

Chelsea`s Trophy Haul Under Various Managers

Ranieri = 0%
Mourinho = 55.2%
Grant = 0%
Scolari = 0%
Hiddink = 7.5%
Carlo = 25.3%
AVB = 0%
Di Matteo = 22.4%

5. The media wants you to believe Barcelona don`t spend at all and everything is homegrown and we are the bad guys

Barcelona`s expenses in last 5 years

11-12- Transfer revenue: 41.316.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 52.800.000 £ = -11.484.000 10-11- Transfer revenue: 46.376.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 63.800.000 £ = -17.424.000 £
09-10- Transfer revenue: 21.560.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 99.440.000 £ = -77.880.000 £
08-09 – Transfer revenue: 48.787.200 £ – Transfer expenditures: 84.480.000 £ = -35.692.800 £
07-08- Transfer revenue: 12.320.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 60.280.000 £ = -47.960.000 £

Net expenses = 190.48mil

Chelsea`s expenses during last 5 seasons –

11-12 Transfer revenue: 27.139.200 £ – Transfer expenditures: 91.388.000 £ = -64.248.800 £
10- 11Transfer revenue: 14.520.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 111.320.000 £ = -96.800.000 £
09-10 Transfer revenue: 3.445.200 £ – Transfer expenditures: 26.400.000 £ = -22.954.800 £
08-09 Transfer revenue: 38.764.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 26.840.000 £ = +11.924.000 £
07-08 Transfer revenue: 39.292.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 53.592.000 £ = -14.300.000 £
net expense= 186.37

Barcelona have spent more than the ‘buying trophies’ Chelsea have in the last 5 years. Pep was Barca manager for 4 of them.

United have spent 150 million (minus the stupid money Real Madrid gave for Ronaldo)

City have spent 560 million

Madrid have spent 330 million in the same period.

6. Saber, I know you can be persuasive just as you’ve demonstrated in this article. But it`s still a no-no for me. You make it sound easy, truth is, its not! You can`t guarantee he’ll stay here long term and forget that your ‘he’s getting old’ argument, because you alone said that and as good as you are, you re not yet an authority. Also he thrives on controversy; we have enough of that already. He lacks the ability to effect continuity, he left us with dry bones, just like he did Inter. I know he is good at instilling a winning mentality into the players, but that fizzles out as fast as it gets in. And why so much assumption (borne out of delusion) in the article, like FFP has reduced half of his downsides already, how about we say he’ll need a splash the cash to start his project? And you mentioned Callejon, just Callejon? By the way do you know how old he is? You should know he likes players mature, and he seldom shows patience for the up-comings. Maybe it is because of the pressures for results and the high expectations…which obviously have not abated at the bridge. – Ohans

SABER – This summer Mourinho`s daughter joins college in London. In anticipation he has purchased a house. End of the day he is a family man and will do his best to stay close to his daughter. Arsenal and Spuds are never really options for him. Ideally a return to Chelsea is what suits the family man in Mourinho. Secondly he has nowhere left to go after a return to England. PSG? No its not glamorous enough as not many people care about Lique Un, even if the money is good its a step down for him. He can`t manage AC Milan, Roma, Juve after he critcized them while at Inter. Barca are now his sworn rivals. So who? Portugese national team? Yes only when he is 65-70 and has beaten Fergies record nice and proper. He has only 3 options – us, United, City. His next job by all logic has to be longer than this. At the end of this season things have gone so sour in Madrid that he will leave them by ‘mutual consent’ and neither party will pay the other the stipulated 20million as suggested. On my point that the FFP will not allow him to overspend, it`s true. Neither the club nor Jose Mourinho can afford not playing in the biggest stage viz. the Champions league. I mentioned Varane and Balo apart from Callejon my friend.

7. Don`t want him back – Look at the mess he is creating at Madrid right now….where is Madrid going down at the bottom and its because of his big egoistic issue which is creating the problem. He is a good coach no doubt about it but seriously don`t want him here. Big ego always favours his favourite players.and say bye-bye to youth system. if he becomes coach, players like KDB, Piazon, Lukaku and Josh wont get chance at all in future, big nooooo for him, he will take no time to reach from heaven to hell. Madrid were in heaven last season and this season they are in hell, don`t want that happening at Chelsea – shlok27 (and all other comments citing his current bad spell at madrid as reason not to sign him

SABER – Dear Shlok, and everyone who shares his opinion on the Madrid issue. Let`s put things to perspective. Jose Mourinho’s struggle this season is not due to failure on footballing terms. It is due to player power and Forentiono Perez’s inability to reign in players. His decision to bench players is not due to their underperforming but more due to a power struggle. Casillas and Ramos are undermining his authority and the camp is split into a pro Mourinho and anti Mourinho faction. The whole of VC cried foul when AVB became a victim of player power last season. Compounding to this situation is the Madrista support who turn their backs on the man who delivered them the league siding with their club legends a.k.a Casillas and Ramos unwittingly giving their rivals Barca a clear advantage. For any team to succeed there has to be only one boss, but that`s not so in the dressing room. As regards to player favouritism, Mourinho rewards players who work hard and perform if they don`t they are benched. There are other comments saying he only plays star names. Sheva was a star but was benched. Lampard and Terry were not stars when he joined the club, neither was Cech. They had to work their socks off before becoming starters, then stars and later club legends. You cant fault any of our legends (Drogs, Lamps, Terry, Cech) for lack of effort. Only age and influence in the dressing room. Robben may havve dazzled but he didn`t do wt the gaffer asked, hence was shipped out. (the same way as SAF shipped out their biggest star at that time in David Beckham, if that is glorified, then why not this? Oh right, we don`t have half the media licking our backsides). Please do read on The Catalunya Freedom Movement. The Madrid / Barca rivalry involves the Spanish and Catalan press and every dirty accusation as its more then just football. It`s a symbol of political struggle.

8. Fell out with Roman, set up Inter for a fall, currently ruining Madrid – foreign_viewer

Mourinho didn’t prepare Inter for the future. All he wanted were trophies for his CV. He signed players for the short term. He said it himself that he likes signing older players even though the transfer fee cannot be re-couped – foreign_viewer

Set up Inter for a fall? Oh, you mean after he won the Champion’s League? Good god, from what hole do you people crawl out of? – RadioactiveD

SABER – ref answer 8. Are you having a laugh mate? Radio is spot on here as usual. He did not set inter up for a fall. By winning 5 trophies with 30 million it`s called setting a club up for a fall? if so Di Matteo set us up for a fall eh? The subsequent managers and poor player purchases did. If Inter did not plan for life after Mourinho you can`t blame the man for it. Its like saying it was Bob Paisley or Kenny Dalglish’s (last pool manager to win the league) fault that Liverpool went into 2 decades of decline.

9.Saber I feel like this time you didn’t do homework correct. When Mourinho left, there was not enough money for Rafa to do what he needed as the winning of Champs League covered the debts he created when he first got at Inter, he isn’t a youth favourite, playing youth and building youth are totally different stories, as for who is a better manager, its clear Pep is, mind you Mourinho has a better CV…Di Matteo has a better CV than Matthias Sammer, but Sammer is way better…in terms of style, why can’t we play good and win?

Don’t we just need time? It hurts to see United or City do it. Authority wouldn’t be an issue here because he is a club icon, but if he starts to lose his way with Chelsea players then that will spell the end for him. In conclusion I’d love to have him back at the club but not as a manager, maybe Emenalo’s position but not Manager…I would really like Pep – Number#25

SABER – again, he spent 30 odd million in net expenses while at inter. Thats a HUGE DEBT to cover even after winning the cash cow that is Champions League no? I don`t blame you dear friend. I thought so too till I did the homework.

10. @ saber I am not buying it this time mate. JOSE will never ever, ever return to Chelsea. It`s as good as anything. Jose was not sacked for footballing reasons. Jose was not sacked for personal reasons. JOSE was SACKED because he was acting as he is bigger than the whole CFC. RA sacked JOSE in a single second because of this sole reason alone. After the brutal sacking of Jose, in the match against Valencia in the CL below are the rough quotes of RA (he invited some Chelsea fans to his hotel to talk about the sacking)

‘I will always remember what Jose has done for this club. He will retain a special place in every one in Chelsea. But Jose has to go.

RA is not even thought twice about paying his FULL compensation more than 13M – Blue and white army

SABER – Jose wasn`t sacked for acting bigger than the club. He was sacked because of 2 principal reasons

a) A refusal to play Shevchenko as Roman wanted.
b) His issues with Avram being technical director. Anything else is what is pedaled by the media up to this date when the real facts have been lost in between.

11. And why do the author and some of you guys make it look like it`s either win playing ugly or lose doing the tiki taka? Why can’t we play attracting footie and win? God knows we have the personnel to do so! – zosBlue

SABER – I`m sorry if that`s the impression I created in the first article. Maybe I overstressed on the importance of winning over pretty footie in part 1 as I don`t want us to go down the Arsenal road. That being said I`m not an advocate of boring football. This takes me to point number 12.

12. All comments saying Jose plays boring football. I remember a comment that he does not take the game to the opposition.-

SABER – true at times we did play boring football under Jose at Chelsea but lets not forget whilst Abramovich`s mission statement to Jose was ‘Sign whomever you want and win trophies”. Jose delivered this desire to play a brand of football is a newer wish of Roman as he evolved as a football fan. Also it`s completely unfair on Jose when you say he can only play boring football. I`m going to use his last 3 years as a reference. Because he has spent 3 years in La Liga therefore can be compared to everyone version of the attacking team prototype Barca as he played in the same league as them and against the manager who is considered the epitome of attacking footie and the alternative some Chelsea fans want at the Bridge, Pep Guardiola. The stats are there for all to see.

Goals scored –

Season – 09/10

Barcelona – 98
Real Madrid – 102

Season – 10/11

Barcelona – 95
Real Madrid – 102

Season – 11/12

Barcelona – 114
Real Madrid – 121

The illusion of Barca being the epitome of attacking football is mainly due to superior possession.

Possession (on average over the 3yrs)

Barca – 69%
Real Madrid – 56%

So Real not only score more they have a much better goals to possession ratio

13. All comments that say he is better than Pep!

SABER – in what way? He spends less and wins more. He did it with a weaker team and less skilled players? Time for facts!


11-12- Transfer revenue: 41.316.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 52.800.000 £ = -11.484.000 £
10-11- Transfer revenue: 46.376.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 63.800.000 £ = -17.424.000 £
09-10- Transfer revenue: 21.560.000 £ – Transfer expenditures: 99.440.000 £ = -77.880.000 £
08-09 – Transfer revenue: 48.787.200 £ – Transfer expenditures: 84.480.000 £ = -35.692.800 £

Net expenses= 142.52mil in 4 yrs (35million a year)

? La Liga (3): 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11
? Copa del Rey (2): 2008-09, 2011-12
? Supercopa de España (3): 2009, 2010, 2011
? UEFA Champions League (2): 2008-09, 2010-11

(Not going to count the Super Cup and Club World Cup as Jose never got a chance to participate in either tournament`s after his champion league wins)

Trophies = 10

Trophy Points = 57

Success ratio = 2.5 million for every success point


Expenses –

FC Porto = +5.192million (profit)
Chelsea = -188.87mil
Inter = -33.704mil
Madrid = -109million
Total = 326.49 over 10yrs (32.6million per year)


Porto (2002-2004)

? Primeira Liga (2): 2002-03, 2003-04
? Taça de Portugal (1): 2002-03
? Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira (1): 2003
? UEFA Champions League (1): 2003-04
? UEFA Cup (1): 2002-03

Chelsea (2004-2007)

? Premier League (2): 2004-05, 2005-06
? FA Cup (1): 2006-07
? Football League Cup (2): 2004-05, 2006-07
? FA Community Shield (1): 2005

Internazionale (2008-2010)

? Serie A (2): 2008-09, 2009-10
? Coppa Italia (1): 2009-10
? Supercoppa Italiana (1): 2008
? UEFA Champions League (1): 2009-10

Real Madrid (2010-present)

? La Liga (1): 2011-12
? Copa del Rey (1): 2010-11
? Supercopa de España (1): 2012

Total Trophies = 20
Trophy Points =117
Success Ratio = 2.78 million per success point.

So when you compare the success ratio Mourinho has spent only 0.28 million more then Pep per trophy point; lets not forget in 4 different countries, in 4 different cultures, in 4 different languages with 4 different owners and 4 different transfer budgets and with no team arguably as strong as the one Pep had under him, at his home club with the best players speaking his native tongue a former club legend

If anyone still believes Pep is better you are deluded my friend. Because by your version Tito Villlanova must be the best ever!

14. The comments that the youth will suffer

SABER – while the likes of PEP were afforded the luxury of patience and the famous and undoubtedly best La Masia academy, Jose was offered no such luxury when he joined Chelsea. The youth products of then are no way close to the McEachran`s and Piazon`s of today. Plus the demands of then and now are not the same. Chelsea has evolved and so has Jose and like I`ve always said FFP will turn out to be a blessing in disguise to the chaotic paradise that`s Chelsea!