Date: 16th August 2017 at 11:43pm
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It’s because I have better things to expend my energy on than this CFC cesspit.

Besides, you don’t need me to tell you this story, we’ve all heard it before: brilliant manager comes in and is successful; suits in charge move to ensure the brilliant manager doesn’t think he is as important as them; brilliant manager’s treatment makes players lose respect; brilliant manager fails and is fired.

Somewhere Jose Mourinho is laughing his head off in heavenly vindication as the plastic haters who slunk in on the back of Mr Abramovich’s riches re-calibrate their hate toward The Don.

I’ll be back in the unlikely event that the scales fall from Mr A’s eyes and he finally, belatedly sees Michael Enemalo and Marina Granovskaia for the what they are.

Good luck Don Antonio and the part of this great club that is about football.



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  • Honestly, I just made a decision similar to this. Easy on chelsea matters for now. It does not feed me. Members of the board are maybe doing their best behind the scenes or just chilling eating burgers while the transfer window ebbs away. While I really do not give a hoot about Mourinho tbh, Its likely he is feeling a little vindicated right now especially as his man united team presently looks settled and well – oiled. I cant but feel for Conte though, but I am sure he knows the nature of the job he took and if he did not before now, one phone call to Carlo Ancellotti would have broken it down to him the life of a manager in his second season at this club. Well, I have chosen not to be bothered regardless of what the club does, at the end of the day, this is just football. Come August 31st, I hope we have a squad good enough to fight for the season and I hope we also Manage to pick up 3-4 points out of the next 6. We go to spurs most likely with a make shift mid field, because the “wise” chelsea board prefers to sell players without replacements lined up. I prefer not to whine too much but just wait and see. Forza!

  • Layorh12 you echo my sentiments exactly. This is a passion for us yes..we are fans yes but you just said one key thing which i long learnt about about sports, entertainment and everything that is really not critical to my must always have right perspective and keep ones priorities straight. None of us here are Chelsea far as i know none of us have family members on the you said none of this stuff provides us livelihood nor should it be the basis of what in the large scheme of things provides us comfort nor lasting joy. With that sort of view point one can thoroughly enjoy the highs and bond with fellow fans during those highs, mourn the low points but not get bent out of shape knowing that we have a rich life outside of Chelsea FC anyway and that for every one here should be priority no 1. Uncle Merlin is a great example of that sort of demeanor even though he is the grand manager of this website.

  • Has Conte’s wife and daughter actually moved to London yet ?, i am not sure they have . The reason i bring this up is because that really is the Conte barometer as regards any long term plans . Anyway i agree we should wait until the first and see what happens .

  • Agreed. We can’t do much, other than back Conte and the team and hope things turn around. As far as transfers go, what will happen will happen. Another 2 weeks to go. #upthechels

  • how can CFC sell matic to man united.this stupid attitude of selling to direct domestic rival will finally land us in trouble like arsenal.

  • You haven’t been writing because you’re sceptical your shamefully deluded and doom opinions/predictions might go up in flames, just like last season..


    Owner. Ultimate power. Technically, he controls Fordstam Ltd, which in turn owns Chelsea FC PLC, which in turn owns Chelsea Football Club, but all really means is that a) Chelsea are debt free in a very technical sense and b) Abramovich controls everything.


    Chairman of the Board, responsible mostly for the business side of things, developing the club into a major player on the world football stage. No doubt works closely with our new marketing director, Chris Townsend. Buck is the Chairman and there are three other Board members: David Barnard, Eugene Tenenbaum, and Marina Granovskaia. Chelsea also have a Life President (Lord Attenborough, who sadly passed away in 2014) and five Vice-presidents of whom Chelsea provide no official information (Peter Digby, Sir Peter Harrison, Joe Hemani, Anthony Reeves, Alan Spence).


    The club secretary, Barnard basically runs the day-to-day administrative (including transfer agreement and player contracts) and functional operations at the club.


    Often portrayed as Abramovich?s most trusted advisor. Tenenbaum was the head of corporate finance at Sibneft and he probably concentrates on similar things at Chelsea ? as has been pointed out in the comments, ?corporate finance? (mergers & acquisitions, capital investments, debt management) does not necessarily translate directly to football operations at a football club. Tenenbaum is more likely to be involved in the overall financial health of the club (as a business entity) than player transfers themselves, but that could still include a role as an ultimate arbiter in holding the purse strings and watching the bottom line. Player acquisitions are just one of the myriad of things Chelsea spend money on, but someone still needs to set and watch the budget!


    The Emperor?s Hand. Roman?s Eyes and Ears and Will. Her prime responsibility is ?player transactions?, which loosely translates to negotiating deals and contracts, but she also ?acts as a representative? for the owner in board meetings, which basically makes her the most powerful person at Chelsea on most days.


    Head scout. According to the Guardian, Chelsea have trimmed the scouting department down to a dozen or so scouts who cover specific regions from over 50 during the days of technical director Frank Arnesen. McLachlan takes their reports and compiles them into the club?s scouting database for Emenalo, Conte, others to use in their decision-making and discussions.


    Head coach. Has all the say in things on the pitch and the training ground. Has some say in things off the pitch.


    Emenalo, everyone?s favorite scapegoat, is the Technical Director. He?s celebrating ten years at the club after being brought into the fold by Avram Grant, his former manager at Maccabi Tel Aviv. Emenalo has worked his way up from the scouting department through a brief diversion as assistant to Ancelotti to a backroom management role as Technical Director, which he?s fulfilled for the last six years. That makes him the head of the scouting department and a strong voice in setting the club?s technical direction.

  • Then you have Piet de Visser and Guus Hiddink..,The men I would called our unofficial/ defacto directors of football..The men Roman will always consult before any appointments on players and managers..The men whose opinions count most whenever Roman needs one.

  • I love how the Emenalo nut swingers, who would take such big offense to criticism of him, are now sort of doing this shifting the blame to Marina.

  • So what you nutless virgin. She doesnt scout, pick, suggest any players….. What does her negotiations have to do with what is usually complained about. Does she pick the quality, like Baba and Papy? No. Does she impose her own will not having guidelines from Roman? No. Can she force a player to sign if they dont want to? No. All she is, is the very final step in a room where the sig is made. I love race card victims, just lets me know i won the argument 😀

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