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It`s a well-known fact (if you support Chelsea) that, as a club, certain sections of the media have a bias against our football team. I`m a supporter, of course I`m going to be biased. The job of the media is surely, to report the facts, not to have their own agenda A quick trawl through Google comes up with an infinite number of reasons why this is the case, from ‘being classless` to ‘having heaters` in sections of Stamford Bridge.`

One incident that personifies this bias occurred a couple of seasons ago. In the EFL Cup semi-final against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge, Diego Costa received a retrospective ban from the FA for, allegedly, stamping on Emre Can`s ankle. On TV, Sky played the occurrence on a loop, both after the game and during consequent days, via their Sports News outlet.

Fast forward two months, and Liverpool player Martin Skrtel, whilst chasing a ball into the penalty area, makes exactly the same movement on Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea. The resulting analysis on Sky barely touched upon it. Both incidents, it could be argued, were simply a case of the player`s foot hitting its natural landing spot. It just happened to be an opponent`s ankle.

Both players were given 3 match bans by the FA following the games, at least there was parity there. Put into Google search Diego Costa stamp and it returns 453,000 results. By comparison Martin Skrtel stamp gives just 29,100 results.

Maybe it`s just the Diego Costa effect, or to put it Jose Mourinho`s way, it`s all about ‘Diego crimes`. They are both combative characters, who, appear on the pitch, to have a similar nature. The coverage, through my biased eye, of both incidents was stacked against Chelsea.

Whilst researching this bias, I came across an article that was written on Vital Chelsea by Stan Wenners back in the summer of 2016. I`m new here, as are quite a few, so I think it`s worth a revisit. Using the same title that I have, the article looks at the anti-Chelsea stuff from a more historical view-point, and makes for an interesting read as do the comments.

That is indeed what we are, according to a huge annual survey by the Mirror.

Man United, Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Stoke follow, in that order.

The survey has teeth because not only was the sample size vast by research standards – 10,000 fans – but it was equally divided between club supporters.

By far the most important question this survey raises is, ‘Who cares?!’ Certainly not me nor I suspect most Blue diehards.

In fact nothing pleases me more than the idea that we are using up so much of opposing fans` nervous energy – long may it continue!

That`s reality dealt with.

You can find the whole article in the link below. The Mirror survey that is used in the the article can be found here.

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29 Replies to “Why Is Chelsea The Prem`s Most Hated Club?”

  • I am glad this topic has been bought up again . The previous article by Stan and the comments need to be read . If only to understand the hatred goes all the way back to the 60’s with trendy Kings road and a pop and movie star following , than the hooligan decades .Most do not know that Chelsea were blamed for the Heysal stadium disaster in 1985, when Liverpools directors claimed the Kop hooligans were actually Chelsea fans in disguise . But the hatred has gotten worse since Roman bought us , only two weeks ago Roy Kean bought up the “Chelsea bought their title ” crap again , so the City’s and PSG’s, and United’s massive spending spree, all our fault .

  • Man utd are very much in the conversation.I have read an article last year that man utd displaced our most hated club tag,as we come second.

  • we were hated because we ran amok in the late 60’s till 80’s and we were good at what we did: i know I was there for a lot of it 🙂 since then its nothing more than jealousy.

  • Their hatred of us is our driving force towards more success. Despite our parting of ways with the two negative influence in our club the hate still remains which means it’s all borne out of jealousy hinged on nothingness.

  • Their hatred of us is our driving force towards more success. Despite our parting of ways with the two negative influence in our club the hate still remains which means it’s all borne out of jealousy hinged on nothingness.

  • Well its ironic that now Mou has joined United, the hate has gone, imagine the Hugh’s handshake incident if he were still our manager, look at the Costa saga, papers blame Conte more than Costa .Its not so much jealousy as anger that we crashed the party . Arse, United and the dippers had ruled for decades and run rough shod over every other team . Along comes Roman, first crime buying Joe Cole and Glen Johnson from the much loved and just relegated West Ham . Papers being very Russo centric with a cold war attitude started to call him “Red Rom “, than came “bloody money”, “dirty oil money “, “rubles ” and so forth . I have met people from the US, India, and South America who support United, Real or Barca (even City and PSG now )because they are winners, but hate Chelsea for no other reason than “because they are meant to”, “because everyone hates Chelsea “.

  • Who cares if they hate us. The most important thing is for the officials not to join the party but every passing week and game shows that the people charged with the responsibility of maintaining the spirit of sportsmanship are a bunch of biased and hypocrites

  • they can hate all they want… Chelsea is still the strongest team in England and England’s best representative in the Champions League over the last decade… was thinking randomly this morning… in the past 12 years, can’t remember Chelsea being beaten by more than 3 goals (athletico, middlesbrough, Liverpool, arsenal) , and only on rare occasions too… but we’ve had the likes of Arsenal lose 8-2 , 6-0(to us), manure lose 6-1, 4-0(to us), *****ty lose 6-0(to us) and Liverpool lose 5-0….. enough reason for the haters to be jealous…. lol

  • @omojolinho, yea, there’s something special about Chelsea.. Youre either a supporter or a hater. There’s no middle ground

  • There is a special “X” factor about Chelsea that attracts interest and along with that controversy. There has always been something “going on” at Chelsea in all the 50 years I have been supporting them (I am glad to say). I seem to remember that we invented hooligans or were certainly one of the first and I think definitely the first to have a mob behind the goal with the Shed, although I stand to be corrected on that. And we had the Kings Road swinging scene of the 60s with Rachel Welch and other film stars appearing. We also had the ignominy of not winning the cup until we did so in 1970 (I cried as a boy when Pete Houseman equalized in the 1st game and then when Ossie equalized – haha!) This attracted attention to us (not winning the cup). Then electric fences with Ken Bates. Riots and punch-ups of course a lot of times. Tommy Docherty – always an entertaining bloke. We had a quiet era when we were in the old 2nd division – not much really going on. But then came the foreign players – Gullit, Zola and Vialli. And then came Roman. And Jose. Since then we are constantly in the news. I suppose other clubs are all too boring! There is a lot of envy now from the fans of “old” clubs who are no longer getting their way on the football front and newspapers realize the troll value of this which also adds to the controversy. No, it is never a dull life as a Chelsea fan. Glad I made the right choice of team back in the mid-60s.

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