Date: 14th January 2013 at 4:43pm
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Regarding recent comments on my prediction on Mourinho`s return.

I was shocked that there are those who don`t` want him back. Principal reasons were as follows –

1. He does not develop youth.

2. He spends too much money

3. He will make us the enemy of football again

4. The style of play wont be good.

5. He wants complete authority.

6. Pep is better.

1. He does not develop youth – not entirely true, the man has shown a tendency to play young players like Callejon, Balotelli, and others. Can`t blame him as when he came into Chelsea his predecessor got fired for finishing second. The owner gave him a blank cheque saying – I want trophies. What do you expect him to do? The next job will be a long one as the man is getting older and wants to settle down in England. Plus he has Sir Alex’s record to break. Rather he does that here than there. And no I highly doubt hell ever manage national teams, even his own country ever. He is just saying all that for his countrymen`s satisfaction.

2. Spends too much money – He spends money that is made available. With FFP coming in I don`t see how he can continue spending big. He`ll require people like Emenalo to get him the best deals. It won`t be for him anymore like it was in the first stint. He loves the Champions League too much to overspend and get kicked out.

3. Will make us the enemy of football – we ARE the enemy of footballing bigwigs. Platini hates us. UEFA hates us. The FA hates us. The media hates us. We will always be hated till a whole new generation grows up watching ‘the great chelsea dominance’. Till every kid in the world says ‘Chelsea’ when asked his favourite team even though he doesn`t watch football. I`d rather win than be loved like Arsenal. We are champions not princesses. SAF earns United 10-20 pts every season pressurizing the refs, the FA, the media into helping his team. the next time Howard Webb unfairly sends off our players, I want to see a man who can stand up and pile pressure on the enemy till refs fear giving decisions against us like they so against Man Utd. Hell, we are no Arsenal. So much for wanting to be liked! What are we? Wannabe prom-queens?

4. Style of play wont be good – stuff Barca. Stuff tiki taka. I want to see a mentally strong Chelsea that makes the Bridge a fortress, not spoil my weekends by losing to crap teams like QPR. And use its super creative players to win 3-0 or there about week in and week out. I want to see the Mancs scared of us. Fear us, fear the blues. Matches won in press conferences even before the ball is kicked. I want clean sheets and two goal margins in wins.

5. Authority issues – I`d rather have a Mourinho rather than Roman making the big calls and Emenalo and Mourinho can co-exist. Mourinho is a football director plus coach with the work he puts in… Emenalo makes the scouting analysis and tables it. The youth team has a separate set up, when players come off age, loan them to big clubs. Let them prove their worth (Lukaku and De Bruyne and Josh McEachran are doing that as we speak) and walk into the first team. He cant buy solutions with FFP so this could actually work. In a way half of his bad habits are gone thanks to FFP. Roman gets the titles and bragging rights

6. Pep is better – how old are you? 4? (I`m not even going to waste my time on this) the Frank Lampard`s and John Terry`s were always good players. So were your Drogba`s and Joe Coles. It took a Mourinho to become world class. We have now got a new generation of players who can be WORLD CLASS. Look at Oscar, Moses, Hazard, Mata, Ramires, Azpilicueta, Bertrand, Mikel (still 25), Romeu, Courtois, Luiz. Three yrs from now they will be one of two things –

a) Prima-donnas who have won squat but are beautiful and silky players (but no winning grit) leaving us (a wanna be loved and won squat) to join big clubs (clubs who win trophies) or they can be The Second Roman Army.

I`ll leave you with a thought. Since Mourinho left we`ve won trophies alright. Apart from the miracle champions of Euro thingy we have won The Barclays Premier League once in six years. That`s not a big club statistic. We need to be winning it every year, every alternate year minimum. At least be close to it. We are third best now. Third best is not ‘Chelsea quality’. Stop making excuses. It`s time for Roman and Mourinho to swallow their prides and do what`s best for them and the club!