Date: 10th January 2013 at 4:50pm
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There are quite a number of pointers to this effect:

(1) It is the season we have spent so much on new players

(2) If we bring in a new coach (which we may going by RB performance), it will the season we paid for/got/used the most number of coaches

(3) The season we got knocked out of the CL in the group stage

(4) The season we lost more matches we are supposed to win at home

(5) The season we have the best talent up front (Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Moses etc) yet poor results

(6) The season apart from 07/08 that we lose both Carling now Capitol One and FA Cup (you may say to early to tell but with results this far, we won`t defend the title)

(7) I stand to be corrected but it appears the 2nd time we will struggle to end amongst the top 4 in the EPL (worst though because last season we were at least CL champions)

(8) The season RA faces the most criticism from fans (whether old/new ones)

(9) The season the media have been more critical of players/management

(10) My observation – the season when teams score us, their players faces seem to say ‘you guys are rubbish after all’ May I also add we have already lost the EPL and with clubs like City, Atletico, Ajax, Zenith, Napoli, Benfica, Tottenham, etc in spectacular form it is safe to say we won`t go far in the Europa campaign except the new faces expected in January offers us something different.

With this observation, my conclusion is that, this will be the season RA and Chelsea fans will wish it gets over quickly.