Date: 16th November 2018 at 12:56pm
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Does trouble lie ahead for Chelsea Football Club?

Have we been sailing too close to the wind when it comes to bringing in young talent?

Are we set to be hit with a fine and a lengthy transfer ban?

If you believe the media that could well be the case.

Several media publications, including the Independent, have picked up on the kerfuffle relating to apparent misdoings when it came to Bertrand Traore coming to the club.

Today, the apparent situation hasn’t improved with the Telegraph, inferring that there may also have been some skulduggery going on when Chelsea brought Anders Christensen to the club.

Now, whilst the club have stepped forward and denied any wrongdoing, it’s hard to see beyond the no smoke without fire syndrome.

All we can do is sit tight and hope that the investigations come to nothing, if a two-year ban is imposed then it’d be a mortal blow to Chelsea Football Club.

The word ‘stagnate’ springs to mind, with the club standing still whilst the cream of Europe marches on.

Worrying times indeed for Chelsea Football Club.

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2 Replies to “Worrying Times For Chelsea Football Club”

  • We could be investigated by the FA for Christensen’s gather payoffs? , so we could be banned by both the KF and Fifa.

    Amazing City and Liverpool are not under investigation by FIFA .

    Now we know why someone jumped ship to Monaco, this was his responsibility and his department.
    Anyway, we are facing a 4 window ban, we can take it to the court of arbitration, and get it overturned or reduced. Maybe we will have to use youth, still have the issues of no decent striker, and maybe Hazard leaving after this season.

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