Date: 20th April 2017 at 12:27pm
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The eyes of the world will be watching Chelsea Football Club this Saturday tea-time.

When Chelsea go head-to-head with Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley, they`ll be looking to see if, after the defeat inflicted by Manchester United at Old Trafford on Easter Sunday, if we`re a side that is on the wane.

Matters aren`t helped by the fact we`re playing our closest rivals in the race for the Premier League 2016 / 2017 title, Tottenham Hotspur.

A loss would have the TV pundits clambering over each other to comment on Chelsea`s impending collapse, but they would do so at their own peril.

Chelsea, as Antonio Conte well knows, have not become a bad side overnight and he`ll be looking for his starting eleven to impress that fact on the millions watching.

As long as Thibaut Courtois and Victor Moses are passed fit to play, the only possible decision Conte has when it regards to selecting his starting eleven, lies in midfield, presuming his loyalty to a misfiring Diego Costa remains in place.

Our Italian gaffer will have to decide whether to opt for Nemanja Matic or Cesc Fabregas alongside the industrious N`Golo Kante.

Matic would add to the defensive ring in front of the Chelsea back-three whilst Fabregas would bring his unique artistry to the game with his unerring ability to play that precise ball that would open up the Spurs defence and, hopefully, adding to the assists tally he has.

It`s a difficult decision for Conte to make, does his sacrifice a little defensive stability to make Chelsea even more potent going forward, knowing that Fabregas` game is suited to the acres of space that Wembley provides?

What, given the chance, would you do?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in our comments facility below.

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21 Replies to “Would You Start with Fabregas at Wembley?”

  • Yes Fabregas should start but flanked by Kante & Chalobah in three(3) man midfield to ensure Spurs don’t dominate with Dembele & Wanyama. So lets go 3-5-2 so that we check their midfield physicality, outnumber them there & nullify areal threats. Beside they aren’t good playing on the Wembey turf. KTBFFH!!!

  • Wouldn`t start with Fabregas, otherwise the power and strength of the Spurs midfield will just roll us over.

  • I agree with @Jerry Blues. Cesc should start, but alongside Kante and Matic/Chalobah in a 3 man midfield. I think we should switch 4-3-3 against Spurs…

  • 3-4-1-2….coutouis,dave,luiz,cahill,alonso,Moses,kante,cesc,willian,hazard,pedro….Willlian to help cesc nd kante handle wayama and dembele in the midfield.

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    Hearing off @prenno that Chelsea have 25% sell on clause on Lukaku and Everton still owe £16.4m to Chelsea. So £50m fee means EFC lose £28.9

  • @SkySportsNewsHQ: BREAKING NEWS: Sky sources: Tianjin Quanjian working on deal to sign Diego Costa when Chinese transfer window opens on June 19. #SSNHQ

  • The key to beating Spurs is overcoming their physicality in the middle. Dembele and Wanyama offers both goal scoring threat and defensive solidness that makes the spur attacker have very little defensive job on their hands. Overloading the midfield in a 3-5-2 formation would be a good idea or a 4-3-3 with Fabregas starting and looking for first time balls to Pedro and Hazard on.the wings. I think moving the ball quickly from side to side would be key to breaking their press and forcing Dembele and Wanyama wide of the midfield.

  • I think Chalobah should start over Matic with a mandate to release the ball much quicker. Chalobah might not have the aerial prowess or defensive solidity of Matic but he is a better box to box player with a goofd shot and very accurate passing. His traits coupled with Fabregas would make the midfield more fluid and faster while Kante alternates between screening Fabregas and seating deep to mop up loose balls. Once again, first time balls to the wings is important to break up spurs. We are not xgoing to win the midfield battle with what we have against the strength of Dembele and Wanyama, so let’s beat them with speed, skill and guile

  • 352 Will do the magic, bench Costa and start the following Courtois, Cahill, Luiz, Dave, Moses Alonso, Kante, Ake(Matic), Fabregas, Willian Hazard

  • we the energy of these three guys Ake, Kante and Wilian to unsettle them and aerial duels and ball must be avoided

  • Jose Mourinho pointed out how they shut us down…..(i) close the passing lanes to the WBs, (ii) man mark Eden and Pedro. The system we have been using is we always restart with Luiz who pushes out to the wingbacks and they in turn pass it out to Eden and Pedro. A team with fast players upfront can disturb Luiz/Cahill/Azpi and they have to rush passes to Moses/Alonso and by the time those 2 receive the ball, they have nowhere to pass to because Eden and Pedro are man marked or as soon as those 2 have the ball, they have 2-3 people around them. We made uncharacteristic misplaced passes on Sunday because of that. Solution might be to take Pedro out and replace him with Fabregas and allow him to come deep as a passing option to the WBs. Then also starting with Wilian/Pedro in the middle in place of Matic and that way you can transition the ball better. Both players might actually mark/harass as much a Matic but offer better offense. But will Conte change though?

  • Fully agreed @OCBlues, can’t put it any better….. go for your coaching badges pls. Cheers!

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