Date: 14th May 2012 at 4:27pm
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Oh deary me someone is going to be mightily disappointed come next Saturday evening aren`t they?

Yesterday, the fates conspired sufficiently to dump Tottenham Hotspur into that 4th Champions League qualification place when Arsenal got that late winner up at the Hawthorns.

Now normally, that lot up at White Hart Lane would be dancing a jig of joy at having qualified for the Champions League, but there`s a huge spanner that could yet be thrown into the works.

You see UEFA have contrived to maximize the number of teams England can have participating in the competition to four. There`s also a cute little rule that allows the winners to defend the trophy the following season, a rule that I`d imagine will, this morning, be receiving short shrift from those in N17.

It`s public knowledge that, next Saturday, Chelsea need to win the Champions League Final, against Munich, to be in the Champions League competition next season.

Therefore, it`s no surprise that the White Hart Lane fraternity have jumped on the Bayern Munich bandwagon, singing the names of the Bavarian club in the dying stages of their home win over Fulham yesterday.

We`re also led to believe that some enterprising traders, outside the ground, were flogging t-shirts bearing the slogan – Bayern Munich Supporters Club – North London Branch.

Uncle Harry, aware that nephew Frank could kybosh his dreams has also come out and spouted,

“Frank knows there`s no love lost. My allegiance is only to Tottenham. He understands that.”

“I want Tottenham in the Champions League next year. We`ve done all we can.”

Now normally I`d get on my high-horse and start berating the lot of them, but, having thought long and hard about it, I have to admit that if the boot was on the other foot, I`d probably be singing from same hymn sheet!

Which if I`m to be brutally honest; would make a win in the Allianz Arena on Saturday even sweeter.

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