Date: 8th August 2018 at 6:08pm
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With the new season almost upon us, I’m fairly certain that we’re going to lose one of our Belgian contingent but keep another.

The vibes reaching me convince me that Thibaut Courtois won’t be needing his locker at Cobham anymore whilst Eden Hazard will be making full use of his.

But, with the scenario still unfolding, I’m pondering over what sort of damage the failure of Thibaut Courtois to return to Chelsea Football Club, after his World Cup exertions, will have on his legacy at the club.

Last night, the Stamford Bridge crowd gave Eden Hazard a wonderful reception and when our jewel-in-the-crown came on for a cameo performance he crowned it by taking the winning penalty in the shoot-out.

My view is that if Hazard were to leave Chelsea, whether it be this summer, next summer or the one after, he’ll fall into the select group of players who are more than warmly received when they return in the shirt of another club, the likes of Pat Nevin, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Didier Drogba are just three that spring to mind.

But what about Thibaut Courtois?

Although the Belgian goalkeeper, who won the Golden Gloves at the recent 2018 World Cup, has helped the club win silverware of the highest order, namely the Premier League and the FA Cup, it grates that he has taken the action he has.

A failure to return, obviously forcing through a move, isn’t an act that wins support, it reeks of treachery.

Courtois will get his dream move, he will play at the Bernabeu but if our paths ever cross again, his reception by the Chelsea hordes might be, I’d imagine, of a hostile nature.

You sow the seeds you reap the crop, Thibaut!

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27 Replies to “You Sow The Seeds You Reap The Crop Courtois”

  • Treachery indeed, no ✊ for club or fans. Let’s recall, we let super Pete go to the gooners, so no loyalty then.

    My opinion – The board really missed a trick. They should have made him sign a a two year extension with agreement in place should bid come in from Madrid, they would sell at market value

    This shows how the Board is managing our club I.e no foresight or strategic modelling………This is my biggest concern

  • How do you suggest the club “make” somebody sign any kind of deal, genius? That’s the most ridiculous blathering I’ve ever heard. We have no idea what the issue even was, behind the scenes. For all we know, this could go much deeper than anything that’s ever been reported. Courtois has never been about anything but himself, if you’ve been paying attention, and Abramovich’s CFC is perpetually toxic. This ending is par for the course.

  • If Cortious willing to go let him be,there is many goalkeepers outside that hungry for starting role.

  • The so called cortious can go to hell. A tree they say can not make a forest. Chelsea fc have come a long way that cortious will come to be a headache to the club. Go to HELL cortious.

  • I didn’t rate this guy at all. He talks too much. And now his World Cup golden glove has gone into his head. I am happy he will leave at last.

  • courtoi Is not a player that have am atom of respect, he should go to Madrid and let him be
    but he should remember he will not be welcomed back at Stanford bridge again

  • His heart has never been Chelsea. Probably the most narcissistic player I have come across at CFC. Which in 50 years is saying something. Never liked him, never will, so goodbye & good riddance

    • I’m surprised it’s taken you so long to figure it out, for some reason this site is full of numpties. At least with the old site we had proper debate in a language we understood.

  • Initially he spent too long on loan in Spain. His family are there and didn’t want to come to London. So i can understand why he wants to leave, it’s just the way he’s gone about it that’s annoying.

  • Again, this is a club failure. A player profile does not include his athletic abilities, alone. It needs to be a dossier of the individual, including his psychology, personality traits, regional preferences, loyalties (or lack of), etc. As a club, we are terrible about this. It almost seems as if we have no human element involved at all, in the recruitment process. We cannot be surprised by this. It isn’t the first time that we’ve had such problems. (although none of them ended up with such a costly Bosman scenario)

  • keep eden and kante we will get by …courtois is a big miss but we need change the one thing you can be sure off..? just looking forward to a semi decent season..ha ha bet we knick a trophy…..K T B F F H..

  • His replacement the guy from Bilbao, was scouted and signed by Christopher Lolichon, our old goalkeeping coach, that we transferred to scouting, to appease Courtois .Real tried to sign this guy in Jan, and were rebuffed .
    Now with the Kovacic loan, we have the best midfield in the league, the defense is decent. and maybe the worst strikeforce.

  • I wouldn’t say that we have the best midfield in the league. That’s a really huge statement. I mean, it’s one thing to say that “on paper” we have “one of the best”. But our midfield always gets stifled, or completely tied up, resulting in zero service to the forwards. We still have that problem of the AMs and wingers lolly-gagging on the ball in the final 3rd. And we always play the “1 forward” style of football. So if that one forward doesn’t get a perfect touch, and flat track it to the end of the pitch, there’s never any numbers forward – at least not before the opponent has every number defending. It’s the same pattern, over and over and over. Doesn’t matter which manager, or who is in rotation. Honestly, I really don’t understand what our football philosophy is. We really are balls deep in that “tiki-taka” nonsense. I really hate that style of play. Maybe because we’re just not good at it? Why do we always have tall forwards if we are going to play like that?

  • Excited about our midfield. Hoping though there are long term plans ahead after this season. Kova is a loan with no buy out, and even on his loan that is a solid midfield 3 with our back ups being a huge drop in level from the starting 3. Just hoping that there is going to be some serious planning by our board this entire season as we make use of the loan.

  • This is also completely out of left field football managing but I hope Sarri tries Azpilicueta in the midfield if it comes to it. I think he would do good in the role especially as he ages. Total day dream though.

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