Date: 10th August 2018 at 10:58am
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Earlier this week, here at Vital Chelsea, we ran an article Click Here, where we covered the imminent departure of Thibaut Courtois and how the Belgian, through his actions, had engineered his dream move.

Well, that dream move is now complete and Courtois is no longer a Chelsea player but the latest to be added to a star-studded Real Madrid squad.

But, the manner in which he engineered his move and the fact that it is Real Madrid he has moved to has kicked up something of a backlash on the social media networks.

Firstly, Courtois has angered the Chelsea support by kissing the badge of his Real Madrid shirt, explaining he’d never kissed another badge as Real Madrid was his true love.

Following that gem, Courtois has then gone on record by pleading for Eden Hazard to join him at the Bernabeu:

But Courtois arrival at the Bernabeu hasn’t quite achieved universal approval amongst the Real Madrid squad, with the current Real Madrid goalkeeper, Navas, remarking on social mdia:

It should be quite a battle.

But if our disdain for the Belgian is recognisable, it seems fans of the club he spent three seasons at, on loan, Atletico Madrid, are seething.

Apparently, it is not the done thing to play for Atletico and then play for Real, with the Atletico Madrid supporters having a whale of a time on the social media networks;

Prompting the Chelsea contingent to also join in;

But it seems the Atletico fans are not going to forgive Courtois for his sins and reports on the social media indicate there is a campaign being organised to buy plastic rats and throw them onto the pitch when the two teams meet this coming season.

So once again Thibaut, you sow the seeds you reap the crop!

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7 Replies to “You Sow The Seeds You Reap The Crop II”

  • I knew he was a rat from day one. I’m the original “TC hater” here at VC. This is because he’s a dumbshit, who can’t stop saying stupid things, and he’s an arrogant bastard, to boot. And Merlin, you didn’t even tell your readers why the boy is so hated by Atletico supporters – but I will. The reason is because he’s a hypocrite. He is on camera singing a little song about Madridistas. Basically, telling them to jump like little kangaroos, and then f*** themselves in the a**. He has apologized, saying that it was a youthful indiscretion. But this is one of the stupidest youth I’ve ever seen in my life, who seems to have either no sensible adult handlers, or no desire whatsoever, to listen to them. It was always my complaint that he was self-centered, and doesn’t seem to be growing up. Will always consider this player to be shit on the bottom of the club’s boots.

  • Analooish – that’s not true. I like Courtois a lot. In fact, I like him so much, that I would have never brought him back from Madrid. I would have kept him close to his kids. Now, with that said, Courtois down, Abramovich to go…

  • Comment: To remember that we jettisoned that improper child-man for a long standing, long serving club legend makes me sick! Good riddance…

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