Date: 13th November 2017 at 5:21pm
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With the revelation hitting the media that it could be as late as 2024 before Chelsea start a new life at the redeveloped Stamford Bridge, we couldn`t resist asking a very pertinent question.

With the need for the club to seek temporary accommodation, it was also revealed that Chelsea are looking at several different sites.

Amongst those were four we chose for our poll options, asking you to vote for your preferred option, the four options being:

? The London Stadium
? Wembley Stadium
? The Emirates Stadium


? White Hart Lane.

Your response showed that out of the four the one ground you don`t want to see Chelsea play at as their temporary home was White Hart Lane, with that option getting exactly 0% of the votes cast.

As for your preferred option, 57% opted for The London Stadium, the home of West Ham United, which beat Wembley of the votes cast.

As for the other option, The Emirates Stadium, that was the preferred option for just 3% of you.

It appears then that North London is a big no-no and that you`d prefer Chelsea to head east!

Thank you for your participation.

Please take this opportunity to vote in our latest poll and use your vote wisely!


2 Replies to “Your Preferred Option for Chelsea`s Temporary Home Is?”

  • Why was not staying at Stamford Bridge and redeveloping what we already have not on the survey ? I have not met one Chelsea fan who would welcome playing at the London Stadium, the whole stadium needs knocking down and rebuilding to make it fit for football purpose, obviously person or persons voting have never been there to watch a game. Percentages on surveys can sometimes be very misleading.

  • I have never been to London before. But I was looking from financial point of view that Wembley will be better as it would mean more fans can be accommodated on a match day

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