Date: 17th March 2018 at 9:30am
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With the FA Cup quarter-final, against Leicester City, fast approaching, we used our front-page poll to ask a very pertinent question.

Following Thibaut Courtois error-filled display against Barcelona, whereby two of the goals Barcelona scored went straight through the keepers` legs, we wanted to know who you thought should be between the posts for this hugely-important FA Cup tie.

We gave you three options to choose from;

? Thibaut Courtois

? Willy Caballero


? Undecided

The result of the poll was pretty-conclusive.

A massive 81% of you are of the opinion that Willy Caballero should be Antonio Conte`s choice, compared to just 19% opting for Thibaut Courtois.

For once, nobody sat on the fence with our third option, of undecided, not receiving a single vote.

Although Caballero received a huge quantity of the vote, perhaps we should point out that the Argentine keeper who has just received his first-ever international call-up, has been Conte`s preferred choice in the competition this season.

Here at Vital Chelsea, we`d like to thank you for your participation.

Our latest poll asks you to state your preference when it comes to the remainder of the season, please use your vote wisely.


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