Date: 18th January 2013 at 1:05pm
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The news, when it broke, that Pep Guardiola had opted to take over at Bayern Munich rather than Chelsea next season, must have been greeted with raised eyebrows amongst the corridors of power at Stamford Bridge.

The mantra portrayed by the suited gentlemen in charge, assisted by the tabloid press, seemed to suggest that when it comes to our next manager, all our eggs had been placed in one basket.

However, events since Roman Abramovich took over the club and the subsequent plethora of managers that have been hired and fired; makes the Chelsea job appear to be something of a poisoned chalice or something to line the early retirement fund.

Reading between the lines, the opinion many of us get is that all is not well at Chelsea Football Club and that all familiar self-destruct button we`ve grown up with is still very prevalent. In fact a good comparison might be one that compares that little Dutch boy with his finger stuck in the hole in the dyke keeping back the flood water.

Today, with Pep Guardiola out of the picture, one prominent member of the tabloid media has stepped forward and inferred that the legend that is Gianfranco Zola could be the next occupant of the Chelsea hot-seat.

Giving foundation to their inference, they`ve come up with some old quotes from Gianfranco that infer he does have a genuine interest in the job, quotes that read,

“One of my dreams is a day when I can become the manager of Chelsea.”

“Chelsea is in my heart. I hope one day I will get the chance to be manager there.”

“One day I would like to be good enough to manage Chelsea. It is in my heart.”

“Mr Abramovich has been very good to me and asked me a couple of times to go back to Chelsea to work, but what`s the point going there and not having anything to do for the club.”

“The way I see it is that I want to go there when I now I can give something back to the club.”

Now whether Gianfranco is a serious contender or not remains to be seen but with another former hero, Roberto Di Matteo, having been so shoddily treated, I`d imagine there`d be a degree of apprehension when it comes to accepting the position at this current moment in time.

However, the same tabloid does go on to infer that there are other names in the frame, with the following being mentioned,

? Jose Mourinho

? Jurgen Klopp

? Michael Laudrup

? Diego Simeone

All prominent candidates who could be in with a chance of taking on the position, however, one person remains readily available, a certain Frank Rijkaard, now what was it I was saying about a Dutch lad sticking his finger in that hole trying to prevent the dyke from bursting and destroying everything?