Date: 2nd June 2018 at 2:19pm
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As we contemplate a weekend without football, although thankfully the World Cup is just around the corner, it’s amazing just what you can pick up on the social networks.

This afternoon, with little better to do, I’ve uncovered three tweets that you might agree are interesting.

The first covers the recent appointment of Frank Lampard as the new manager of Derby County.

Perfectly aware of the financial restrictions Lampard will be asked to operate under, this tweet implies that Frank will look towards his former stomping ground to assist him in his task:

But is Pride Park the ideal place for Mason Mount and Callum Hudson-Odoi to further their careers?

And, as for Jody Morris joining Derby in a coaching capacity, surely Chelsea need to keep Jody on the Chelsea books.

Next up, is one I found amusing, it takes its idea from the ‘What have the Romans ever done for us’ quote, reading:

Lastly, with some confusion surrounding the status of Roman Abramovich, we uncovered this:

Could it be true? Are we at a major crossroads in the history of Chelsea Football Club?

Your thoughts on any of the above tweets would be most welcome in our comments facility.

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13 Replies to “3 Daily Tweets – A Ram Raid, Roman Conquers and Up For Sale”

  • Its scary such a big topic and no comments 🙁 This site used to have too many but now its a ghost town it seems. I was going to say my point but not worth it if no-one is contributing.

  • And what our opinions are going to change in such a club with the worst ownership in prem ?he only listens to himself.The club is surely going down fast.May be the only remaining bait in hands of abramovich to play with the British government,.. permit my work in UK or else I will withdraw my investment in Chelsea f.c,sell the club and go.If he continues in his chess game Chelsea f.c will be the only victim,no more expensive players and may be a relegation threatened team very soon.The British stance won’t change in my prognostication.So ,the best we can hope for is Roman selling this club to a morally decent billionaire businessman who is willing to spend big instead of a morally corrupt Roman

  • @Big-G – everyone hates this new format. But vitalfootball is a bit like Chelsea under Abramovich… They care only about what is good for them. (which actually isn’t, but don’t try to tell them that) Yes, this site will be done and dusted shortly.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence 🙂 The Vital Network had to make changes to remain in the market, the format may be different but we’ll bounce back.

  • @Globetrotter – I am happy to see more and more people getting it. This owner is not good for the club. Yes, we’ve won silverware. But this is sort of like lauding WWII Germany for bringing us medical advances, at the expense of human testing. Maybe some think that’s admirable. I see the Abramovich era as a dark spot. Many careers were soiled to appease the ego of one Dear Leader.

  • RA is now an Isreali citizen after proving his jewish heritage. Mayb the fuss about him will now soften a bit. Being a Russian citizen is tough in the global market irrespective of your background. The kremlin is not helping matters either.
    Anyway back to footie, RA era has brought Chelsea plenty silverware, fame and recognition and Im grateful to him. You can however tell when leadership has gotten to its peak and I think its best for him to sell at this time.
    All the concerns about not granting interviews and existing in his own world, is irrelevant as long as he gets the right people to run the club and gives them freehand.

  • Roman is not ready to invest anymore in a country where he is not eligible to work in how can some people still don’t get it as evidenced by stopping the stadium expansion ,as well as the punch of mediocre player targets,managerial candidates we are currently linked with,courtois rumours,etc.There are lots of proofs the club is speeding down the hill.I do agree it is best for him to sell now to save the reselling value at a high stake.however he may hold it for ransom hoping political tensions will improve soon , threatening with withdrawing his investment .The British gov. Can’t be swayed easily though and will fight back if he decides to hold onto CFC,you can ask similar stories as mo Fayed and harrods.etc.So, it is best for him to sell the club now

  • I think a lot of people forget other teams owners who are never at games, RA visits youth games and training! He loves the club and we are the most successful uk team in his era. People forget when he bought us we were in a dire position!

  • @Big-G – you’re not really entitled to make claims on behalf of other people, though, are you? Not everyone who shows an interest in something, is motivated by love… There are plenty of people in plenty of venues who show maximum interest, but do are not motivated by love. You only assume.

  • And what is success, exactly? Is it a case full of domestic trophies that will soon gather dust, as we look back on those fleeting glory days – reminded that we had no plan but to live in the moment? There was no cohesion, no strategy – just a coliseum full of gladiators… I don’t really call that “success”. It was just winning by financial power. Success will be when a club with a vision is realized, defined by a philosophy, and consistent in its approach. (as well as execution)

  • I support solid 7 regarding that not necessarily love has brought Roman into buying the club.Much to your surprise BigG ,Roman initially attended a UCL final where real Madrid played and won and asked if he could buy real Madrid afterwards,the answer was no.So, he searched England to buy a club in London and again he proposed Tottenham ,while his advisors suggested it is better to invest in Chelsea f.c.A lover?doesn’t appear so.The real motivation isn’t love but rather for a corrupt businessman like Roman is what we call money laundering , gaining popularity worldwide to avoid prosecution in his illegal money .Hispopular role would cover up his true identity

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