Date: 30th November 2018 at 12:52pm
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Here at Vital Chelsea, we’ve, previously, discussed the subject of Chelsea having so many players out on loan.

We’ve also mentioned that steps are afoot to bring in regulations as to how many players clubs can loan out.

This season, as has been the case in previous seasons, Chelsea have had in excess of thirty players, I lost count of the actual number when I ran out of fingers and toes, plying their trade elsewhere.

Some would say that the club are doing nothing wrong and that there is an end to their means, others would suggest that they are, in some ways, flouting the system and that many of those out on loan will never make the grade and be a regular part of Maurizio Sarri’s first team squad.

Today, the news vehicle, the Times, is reporting that Chelsea are among several top clubs that have been asked to cut the number of players sent out on loan.

However, it appears that any moves to restrict numbers won’t be implemented with immediate effect with our referenced source implying that any agreed changes should be implemented by the start of the 2020 / 2012 season, which would seem to indicate it could very well be business as usual, at Stamford Bridge, when it comes to loaning out players, for the next eighteen months or so.

But, what are your views on Chelsea’s extravagant use of the loan system?

Do you approve or do you disapprove?

Here at Vital Chelsea, we’d love to read your views on the subject matter in our comments facility beneath this article.

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