Date: 2nd February 2013 at 6:37pm
Written by:

It`s always hard to control the emotions when the club you love is in a downward spiral.

The initial reaction is to lash out, lash out like a wounded lion, but sometimes it`s better to let things fester for a while before putting a few thoughts to paper.

Hopefully, by waiting for ninety minutes since the final whistle went up at St James Park, I`ve done that.

So here goes;-

1 – Why are we so keen to get rid of Frank Lampard? Surely the loss of experience in Essien / Ballack / Meireles shows that you need someone with experience around. Building for the future is one thing but we mustn`t fall into the trap that Aston Villa have and swamp the team with youth!

2 – Would it be a brave thing to do to get rid of the square peg in the round hole, namely Rafa Benitez? It was obvious from Day One that it wasn`t going to be a marriage made in heaven and so that has proven. So what if we get ridiculed by the press for getting rid of the man, we`re currently going nowhere and at our current rate of demise we are not going to finish in the top four!

3 – Does luck even itself out over a season? Decisions went against us today, we could have had a couple of penalties but it wasn`t to be!

4 – Who the hell thinks calling for Roman to go is a sensible shout? Without Roman we`d be nothing, probably gone, probably the first of the big clubs to go under. Without Roman we`d have won feck-all!

5 – If Benitez as manager is bad, what about his side-kicks Holland and Zenden?

Your thoughts, on anther sad day would be most welcome!