Date: 12th February 2018 at 7:51pm
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Just ahead of the West Brom game, we`re adding a new matchday poll into proceedings. Before the game we normally ask who`ll win and let it run throughout the game, which obviously distorts the result as people vote according to the score at that given time.

So with the ‘Who Will Win` poll closed, ahead of the game we`ll have a quick look at the result. Obviously, we can expect a partizan answer to that question, aside from any interlopers on the site. As it turns out 75% of us expect Chelsea to win!. 14% think that A draw! will ensue and the remaining 11% fancy West Brom to win!

With the game set to kick our new poll asks who you think will score Chelsea`s first goal, if, indeed we do actually score at all. The poll will run throughout the game regardless. Following the game we`ll, hopefully be looking for Chelsea`s man-of-the-match.

Fingers crossed. KTBFFH. Vote wisely. I reckon Olivier Giroud will get it.


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