Date: 21st April 2017 at 12:23pm
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If Chelsea are serious about their intentions of bringing the Everton striker, Romelu Lukaku, to Stamford Bridge this summer, there may be some hard-thinking to do, but not just about the reported £100 million price-tag.

According to one source, London Evening Standard, Everton`s hard-stance on even talking to Chelsea about doing transfer business, may have weakened.

Our referenced source is reporting that Everton are keen to recruit young English talent and have cast their eyes towards Tammy Abraham.

Abraham, just 19-years-of-age, is having an impressive season on loan at Bristol City where he`s scored 22 goals in the Championship, the second-highest scorer in the division.

However, if the information is correct, then Chelsea will have to weigh-up the prospect of losing a youngster who could possibly go all the way in order to bring the Premier League`s top-scorer to Stamford Bridge.

It`s a tough call, but then again, we could always buy Tammy Abraham back in a couple of years couldn`t we!

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9 Replies to “A Sacrificial Lamb to Land a Giant?”

  • We don’t have to sell Tammy to Everton, we can instead loan him out to them for 2 or 3 years…

  • We can sell Abraham with a buy-out clause or send him on a 2 yr Loan deal. 1 yr loan deals haven’t worked out for us. Both Courtosis, Christensen have benefitted because of playing for a single team for more than 1 season. If Everton insists on sale or buy out clause after loan, we should ensure 100% that we insert a butout clause.

  • When we sold Lukaku for 28m, we thought we did great business. But, buying him anything more than 60m, is utter waste and bad business.

  • Well if we get a 100 mil for Costa, that is where it goes , i agree its bad biz, but there is little we can do about it, any deal for Morata seems attached to Hazard and the Torino kid is the same price range.It may not happen anyway as Everton seem not to care for us very much .

  • I don’t agree that anything above 60M for Lukaku is a waste. Lukaku is one of the best strikers in Europe and anywhere in the world today. If you consider how much Manutd paid for Martial and Pogba, how much Mancity paid for Stones, KDB and Sterling, how much Real Madrid wants for Morata (a bench warmer cum less than 10 goals per season striker) and how much Torino is asking for Belotti, you will quickly realize and understand why over 60M for a potent and EPL proven young striker like Lukaku is an awesome business. I’ll say it again, it makes more sense to spend 100M on Lukaku than to spend 60M on Morata. Morata can’t even bench Benzema and couldn’t bench Jesse. It’s even annoying that we’re comparing Morata to Lukaku, who the hell is Morata, what has he achieved? Morata is not yet ready to lead the line for a top club like Chelsea. Lukaku has hit over 20 goals for 3 consecutive seasons in the world’s toughest league…

  • Rumors that we have a sell on clause for Lukaku with Everton, so that should equate to a discount if we buy him back. In the end he will only sign for a club of his choice so that makes us number 1, but don’t rule out other CL clubs across Europe, especially Spain

  • I want Tammy to get a chance here he is our rashford and I would not bow down to Everton pressure two year loan deal only

  • They can take Batsman or Bertrand Traore on 2yr loan or outright sell with a sell on clause inserted in the transaction. Nothing will make us part company with Abraham except on two year loan as suggested by many here. Young English strikers like Abraham are very rare & if we are to buy him from Everton for instance, they will be quoting price in the region of £50m just because it’s Chelsea. Take the case of Dembele for example who isn’t even British, just imagine what Celtic are reported to be quoting, so it’s no, no to Abraham going the other way pls. KTBFFH!!!

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