Date: 12th February 2013 at 4:54pm
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The need for a Bigger stadium is super obvious now.

Now that the EPL Chairmen have passed a resolution on the EPL version of FFP, which was supported by CFC despite the fact we are one of the targeted teams.

I know there are loopholes in the regulations are we going to be relying to exploit those holes rather than be proactive in looking for ways to maximize our match day income which is not something a top team would be proud of, a mere 41,000 seat stadium.

Even Arsenal is getting close to £30 million more than us on match day income. I don’t know if we need to be worried about the stagnation of dialogue between the CPO and CFC. We need a bigger stadium now than never.

It will be difficult to maintain or consolidate our positions in EPL and Europe with a 41,000 seat stadium if Roman is not willing to release some needed funds like what transpired in the last transfer window when it was very clear to everyone that we need some reinforcement.

Most fans was very frustrated with our transfer activity in January but did will really take time to ask ourselves how we were going to pay for all the big names that everyone was clamouring for?

CEO has a target when he took over to break even which he has done but how do we move forward? All his hard work during the last couple of years would be in vain if CFC to go back to those days with high record loses.

I would think CPO and CFC boards want the best for CFC why it is so difficult for a compromise?