Date: 14th November 2017 at 8:54am
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Shirt sales, as we all know, are a very lucrative financial stream.

Introducing three new shirts every season provides clubs with a cash boost.

But, who do you think sells the most shirts out of all the Premier League clubs?

Well, it appears that, according to a survey carried out by, it isn`t Chelsea Football Club.

Apparently, Chelsea finished in 4th place in the survey with 10% of the football shirts sold by our referenced source being Chelsea ones.

Topping the list, according to the Manchester Evening News, are Manchester United who, with 21% of the shirts sold by the aforementioned company, sell more than the combined shirt sales of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City.

The full listing is as below:

? Manchester United: 32%

? Liverpool: 21%

? Arsenal: 15%

? Chelsea: 10%

? Tottenham: 8%

? Newcastle: 7%

? Manchester City: 4%

But we must stress this survey doesn`t include shirts sold by other retailers and by official club shops.