Date: 6th July 2018 at 7:37am
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Although the World Cup is in full swing and with the quarter-finals set to commence today, attention is already starting to turn to the forthcoming 2018 / 2019 Premier League season.

This weekend, those Chelsea players who have not been on World Cup duty, in Russia, will return to Cobham for fitness tests with the club hoping that the majority have been professional enough not to have gotten too out of shape during their summer break.

However, with pre-season training, for the same group of players set to begin on Monday, the big question remains as to who will be in the managerial hot-seat.

Officially, Antonio Conte is still the man in charge but, according to the news source, the Daily Mail, that could be set to change as early as next week.

Our referenced source is of the opinion the Chelsea hierarchy do not want Conte to return to Chelsea, fearful of the Italian creating a bad vibe ahead of the return of those players he appeared to have fallen out with last season.

To that effect, our source is confident that there will be a change in the managerial hot-seat, possibly as early as next week with the club finally set to appoint the former Napoli boss, Maurizio Sarri, as the man in charge.

If that is the case then it has to be said that Chelsea are taking a huge risk, Sarri has never managed in the pressure cooker that is the Premier League and his curriculum vitae has no major trophies on it.

Quite how the Stamford Bridge faithful will react to Conte being axed and Sarri being installed remains to be seen, but it is probably fair to say that over the past decade or so the constant managerial merry-go-round has become something they’ve become accustomed to.

However, here at Vital Chelsea, we’d be interested to read your thoughts on the subject matter in the comments facility beneath this article.


11 Replies to “Conte Axing and Appointment of Sarri As His Replacement Draws Nearer”

  • As we all know most of this stories are just speculations,the Chelsea managerial sit is indeed a hot one,our is give us the best, even among the players some wants conte out and some wants him in,to those who wants him out if his still remain the manager they will frustrating his effort, in the other hand the board must learn to let It’s manager achieve his desired player without interruption of any kind and difficulty in releasing cash,It’s the manager who manages the players and not the board,let the manager get a player of his choice, it will enable us know who to hold responsible in time of problem

  • Everyone keeps talking about a potential managerial change which to an extent is not a bad idea when it could not be argued that the current manager failed woefully in his service delivery, that is, landing a silver ware. We can excuse mr conte from all of that considering how trophy demands is of an utmost priority in Chelsea that has led to a mouthwatering series of managerial change up to eight times in less than a decade or a little bit more. Whether we like it or not, the underlying truth here is that conte remains a winner and not a fail at all. Do we not have the likes of mourinho,pochettino,klopp even the departed winger all enjoying their jobs despite not being able to add even the least of a silver ware to their ranks haven boasted of spending several millions of pounds too? Yet no more seems to be talking about them. Isn’t that a very good way of stealing a ship that might wrongly been heading for a serious disaster? What else could be expected from a manager other than the ability to manager pressures of which I believe that conte has that as an ‘A’in his collection. It’s true that Chelsea under his managerial watch did suffer a host of embarrassing loses to even the lowly placed teams in the EPL but the undeniable fact still remains that Chelsea lacked the needed investment to look competitive in an Everly and growing competitive EPL where even the least teams could take your position as a big side if you are not careful about. Finally, my humble opinion in this is that conte should be allowed to carry on for another season so we can save ourselves of these whole saga surrounding managerial change that have but slowed us down so much in the transfer market this season whereas, a host of other teams are out there doing great business in the market so as to ensure a perfect atmosphere to work. Plz accept this my humble n truthful opinion as it will help us save the season for a better Chelsea come 2018/2019 under Antonio conte. Thank you

  • Most people in the Chelsea board today keep talking about the style of play at Chelsea as being too defensive. But if we do look back a little bit and have an assessment of the Chelsea’s team over time, one can’t underestimate the fact that Chelsea is solidily built for such defensive games. It is true that when you watch the way the likes of mancity, Barça, Bayern, etc, play their games, you will quickly get to love their game and immediately wish that your team plays that way too. This is an ultimate truism but what we must understand is quit simple! The attacking sides are very flexible not just in their style alone but also noticeable in their players too. Now the question is this, can that be said of Chelsea? A definite ‘NO’ is the answer considering how too strong and rigid their could be too. So in a nut shell, there’s just no way that kind of a football in demand by Mr abramovich would come to stay in Chelsea. So if this is his major reason amidst other reasons for wanting to fire mr conte who has not done badly, then he should have an immediate rethink and a change of mind and to make this costly mistake of loosing one of football’s finest managers(antonio conte) of this current era. Sari may be good as we have all seen his great job with napoli but the sacarstic truth is this, does he really have what it takes to fill in the void left by conte that is if he eventually gets fired as its the situation currently? Let mr abramovich not make this mistake this time around cos I envisaged a serious problem at Chelsea come next season if it does happen. If the Chelsea players some of them though should be cautioned as well since the culture has been to play badly so the manager could be sacked to whose detriment, theirs or Chelsea’s? Imagine a willian covering conte’s face with an emoji after the FA cup trump over Manchester United should give u an idea of what I’m talking about some of these so called Chelsea players. Can willian explain his action for such a dastardly act? No! But the real situation in existence here is the fact that conte only but demanded that he gives in an extra work rate to the team, a feat which willian could not achieve alongside cesc fabrigas too which unfortunately determined that they were both confined to the bench for that good reason and now they can openly criticize a manager who meant well for them and for the team too. Costa also had his own bad sides too when he felt like he was almost like the bread winner, he was no longer ready to subject himself to instructions and to that effect, had some training boast ups with some of the coaching staff to which he was dropped from the team for having displayed such a team destabilising attitude. He was asked to apologize of which he did after some days of being left out when he felt his game was getting down. How could one blame such a manager for meting out such a disciplinary measure a proud Costa or has it come to the stage of a player now being bigger than a club?. Only time shall tell. So my humble opinion is this#allow Mr conte #for him to finish up the sweet work he started last season let’s know if he might succeed in turning us to this day lovely juventus of Italy where his legacy still sells for years to come. Thank you

  • Conte is not a bad manager. The problem with Conte is his relationship with his players. Since he sent Costa away through text message what is the fate of Chelsea front? So many players will leave that Club if he remains the manager and it will take them years to build the club again. The earlier the better.

  • I think that Mr Abramovich and Chelsea board are making a great mistake by trying to sack Mr Conte for me he is the kind of manager that we are looking for a long time he is the best after morinho if you give someone a job you have to give him the necessary material to do the job paffetily well the board supposed to support their manager but Chelsea board are supporting some players against the manager a player is not bigger than the club but in Chelsea case it’s seems so and every one in life has his own way of doing things many people who always want to be like others usually fell in life Chelsea have their own way of football and we are comfortable with it playing good football without a trophy at the end is useless some teams have played fantastic football for more than 8. Years but nothing to show of it but Chelsea with their bad or worst football so to say can not play for two seasons without making their fans proud of them as for me I will be happy if the board can support Conte give him the players that he asked for at list for one more season.

  • The news rifing from Chelsea is all dragging the club down. Others are busying preparing for a new season but Chelsea are trading procrastination. If Abraham Movitch is not capable to run the club why not sell it?

  • You guys are just saying what you like, why will they retain the service of the man that used to fight players and board, it doesn’t make any sense. You are also talking about Sarri CV,that is when I knew that you don’t know what you are saying…….. Sarri helped Empoli to gain promotion from serie B to A and also improved most of the players he worked with then… he went to Napoli and did the same thing and he was so closed to win scudetto last season with 91 points ….For me if he comes to Chelsea, we already have winners in the squad and the appointment of John Terry and Zola as the backroom staffs would help too.
    I knew you guys that commented earlier about letting conte stay are not Chelsea fan
    My advice for the board is that they should sign seri, Golovin, martial ,Leon bailey and other young important players that can help our team with good quality and depth. They should not sell Hazard, courtois, William, liiz, Kante and all other important players in the team.. They can sell drinkwater,pedro to Spanish league,
    And lastly for the board and our new coach Sarri, Please we don’t need Koulibaly, we have zouma… Mr Sarri should please turn zouma to the Koulibaly instead of wasting 100million euros on Koulibaly.For me Zouma is as equally good as Koulibaly ….please vital football should please help me send this VITAL message to the Chelsea board

  • Every now and then, we keep talking about the same problem and that is, managerial change! It’s absolutely so disgusting that at this time of Chelsea’s life span, what we could be interested in doing is to change manager, not even a change for a good reason but a change for a bad reason. Chelsea prior to now we’re know to have changed managers who never delivered the following season in terms of silver ware and here too, it all seems that that policy has changed, which means a change of a manager even though he won a major trophy so to say. Where then are we heading for with all of these distractions in our club. Why do we keep on making the headlines for the wrong reason and some sort a child-like thing that should have been thrown to the dustbin of forgetfulness. It’s about time Chelsea’s management grow up and learn the full detects of good management rather than a constant destabilising of our dear club. One thing they have succeeded in not understanding is the fact that they are all equally toiling with our emotions as Chelsea fans too. Whether we like it or not , conte the serial winner as he is fondly called by both friends and foes, hasn’t done badly and should be allowed to help Chelsea mount a strong charge to the league title and return us back to those glorious days of being champions. Just take a good example of what Mr guardiola did in Barcelona when he was at first given the job with many doubters over his abilities and how he was to cope managing the egos in the team that had the likes of Samuel eto fils, ronaldinho,deco,vanbommel,and a host of other wonderful and seasoned professionals, yet he showed why he was the manager in charge in making sure the likes of ronaldinho, eto,deco and a host of them never get playing time since they never subjected themselves to his instructions as the man in charge of the team. We all saw what happened when guardiola took that division. He was fully supported by the Barça board and eventually provided with the necessary tools to work which is a thing that Barça still reaps up till now with the likes of a more sophisticated and humble players like iniesta,xavi,messi,bousequets and a host of others that made Barça a real formidable side that is so difficult to beat. But when you go back to the Chelsea’s case, the reverse has always been the order of the day with the board not willing to support a manager they put in charge of the team rather supporting some of the so called key players that have all but drag the team further down. It’s unfortunate that a lot of fans are still angry with the way costa was handled at Chelsea, but have we really asked ourselves over what led to his dismissal from the club? Where on earth is it reasonable for a player to challenge an established authority? Costa did just that and yet a host of the so called Chelsea fans are still very much in the dark over that high level of arrogance from a player who should have submitted himself to an organized way of doing things. Conte whether we like it or not should be exonorated for the way he handled a stubborn costa after all, the likes of Costa, Balotelli,tevez can’t imagine themselves playing under pep guardiola. So conte’s staying at Chelsea will all but make us appear more formidable than before with the right players in his rank,i believe he can make us a very sweet side to watch come next season. I love Chelsea from my heart thank you.

  • What we need to do is take back our dear Steve Holland. He can join England later for the Euros, but please get that brilliant man back.

  • I’m tired of reading this same sh*t time and again. The board are pathetic. Its disgusting

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