Date: 20th October 2017 at 7:29am
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They wouldn`t would they?

Of course they damn well would, they`ve got a long history of hiring and firing managers!

With Chelsea not having won for three games, the dark clouds, if you believe the journalists, are starting to gather over Stamford Bridge.

It appears that those who run our club are not best pleased with our start to the 2017 / 2018 season.

One red-top I flicked through as I walked into work, The Sun, suggests that the relationship between our Italian boss and the board is getting frostier by the minute.

In fact it seems that, according to our source, the boards impatience is growing and that they`ve taken to guessing which excuse Antonio Conte will use after a poor result.

If that is the case it really is a shocking state of affairs.

My breeding taught me that in times of adversity everyone should stick together, display a united front and ride out the storm, no wonder Antonio doesn`t give off the same manic vibes of last year when everything was going right.

Does anyone else fear shades of 2015 / 2016?

Your thoughts in our comments facility would be most welcome.


29 Replies to “Conte Coming Under Increasing Pressure at Chelsea”

  • I don’t think that the board would want to sack him no, however, I am just wondering where this culture of mourning every time has come from. Conte has been mourning of thing or the other ever since the league started and this takes away some bit of confidence in players. It is his lack of confidence in young players that makes it look like there is no depth at Chelsea but players are there. From posts by fans, usually everyone expects him to feature one particular youth product Musonda but for his own understanding he doesn’t and this leaves a feeling of frustrations when the team get bad results. We are all behind Conte but he must also satisfy expectations of fans, play the player that many expect should be given game time so that people can make judgment for themselves whether a player is ready or not. If a player have performed poorly two or three games such a player deserves to be rested regardless of how they do in training. Even if team gets bad results but he tries hard to show that he is willing to give every player chance nobody will call for his neck. Conte is one of the best managers to allow to grow with the club and it would be extremely difficult to replace him but he should avoid piling pressure upon himself. He is still relatively young with a lot of enthusiasm but he must be open to all his players. I like the fact that he has not yet won the champions league, this gives him extra motivation to win it with Chelsea.

  • I am afraid Merlin that it’s looking like it and that will be a shame and disgrace if Roman and the Board decide to do so. Way too many things coming out. Times out with an article that players are unhappy about training methods whilst Duncan castle said he’s a dead man walking. Add ancelotti at the bridge and a loss against watford means a pink slip.

  • He is unfortunate with injuries this time around. our midfield in particular is in shambles and our inability to get a CF during the last transfer window will hurt far more than we bargain for. with the absence of a good hold up player upfront, long ball upfield by Courtious are immediately lost and the pressure unrelenting on the midfield. the absence of the indefatigable Kante against Roma clearly showed because Roma had a field day thru the middle and we were force to the ‘ all hands at the pumps” method to salvage something from the game. the midfield is the greatest concern at the moment. I understood Conte’s decision to sub on willian for Morata during our game with Man city to shore up the midfield that was virtually non existent during that game. the drop in Willan ‘s form is also affecting the team and i for one i am too impressed with Musonda in the cameo appearance h has had. he had almost 30 minutes against Crystal Palace and did not set the world alight on make any impact whatsoever. Its so unfortunate that Drinky is out with injury and now we are very very light in that area. However now, Conte have very little choices in selection of team and the Board should take the blame for not getting a title winning coach at least 4 players he shortlisted . Michy is clearly not qualify and i shudder to think of how we will cope if Morata has another injury.
    we best need to look at stopgaps CF quickly. Benteke would be fine but too injury prone . Maria Gomez or if pushed to the wall… Adebayor. at least he is a far better CF than Michy

  • The UK media is stoking the ” unhappy players and conte sack” themes vehemently. We dont win tomorrow and they will turn up the heat further. Suddenly the match against Watford tomorrow is having a “must win” feeling about it otherwise this can easily degenerate into an early end to Conte?s regime. How i wish the board will just stick with this man, but i am not naive and i know they wont if we dont win. So Conte please win. I hope the stars align for you and the team.

  • Well the summer didn’t go as hoped. But the team turned it around post Burnley, culminating in a top display and win at Atletico. Since then it’s been all downhill. Tight schedule, fatigue and multiple injuries, and poor form have taken their toll. Conte’s left with no midfield to speak of to field against an in form Watford. Tough times ahead. But hoping Conte will turn it around.

  • it is really going to be a shame on the board if they consider sacking him when they are the ones who deserve sack in the first place. Something I don’t get to understand is how a coach in our club suddenly get to be made unpopular the moment fans are getting to love them. It happened with Mourinho, Di Matteo, Ancelotti, and now Conte.

  • We sack Conte, then where do we go from here. I don’t think board will act this soon. Mostly media created hysteria. Carlo was there to just enjoy the game I think.

  • Conte is the ideal manager to grow with the club but he must try by all means to integrate youth and nobody will touch him. It is not by coincidence that Aserne Wenger has stayed that long at Arsenal, it simply because he has been outstanding where developing academy players is concerned. Problem is that most managers when they come to Chelsea become obsessed with winning trophies and totally ignore development of youth, you may not believe it but I think this contributes heavily to their early exit when results don’t go well. Does anybody think that any board would be willing to spend heavily every new season on new players to the point almost replacing the entire team with new recruits? I don’t think so, the idea of having academy is to develop their own personnel. You can not have a situation where all academy products are classified not first team material, it puts big question marks on those who do the scouting, but when you try the product and show people reasons for your doubt nobody will blame you when you take any action to leave them out. But when you persist with underperforming players at the expense of others, then murmuring will start. Willian is certainly weak this time and Fabrigas with all his range of passing, lacks correct energy for good opposition and yet anybody can see that Conte seem to be in covenant with these two players. How can you explain the substitution of Hazard for Willian in the Roma game. Conte needs to do a lot to dismiss speculations otherwise I personally feel he is the best manager for the club now.

  • Never smoke without fire, this story originated in The Times, the players themselves do not look happy or motivated . One thing i would add is that i noticed United had sent out all their surrogates/ex players to take pot shots at us yesterday, from our youth system (P Neville and N Butt) to Conte himself , seems like they were retaliating after Conte told Mou to mind his own biz.

  • Between, Luiz and Drinkwater trained with the group today, but I cant see Bakayoko anywhere. I hope he is passed fit to play. We need to win this game so we can get a breather from all these negative vibes slowing building up. If we win, slowly things start to look a liittle more upbeat, Drinkwater will now be available for selection going forward (hopefully), and most of the first team players can get some rest this coming week when we play Everton in the Carabao cup. After that, I believe lord Kante will be close to a return leaving Moses as the only injured player. Lets hope we do not get more injuries. First things first though, we need to win tomorrow….

  • Make Roman and Emenalo our player manager and assistant accordingly, because neither of them ever think they are wrong and blame everyone else but themselves for the same old problems that occur every time to every manager. Conte should throw in the towel now, before the idiots sack him.

  • Remember Azpil came out yesterday and said the team were unhappy with his training methods, PSG are also sniffing around Conte . Anyway i was shocked when Azpil who is so quite and mild mannered came out ,However lets hope it can be resolved .

  • No need to sack Conte and I believe it won’t happen but he will do well to remember that a good number of those players downed tools for Jose, so, he should put his trust elsewhere.

  • Well, I said it before, most of these new/young top coaches don’t plan to stay at one club for long. Do you think Chelsea wasn’t willing to offer Conte a 4 year deal when he signed or an extension when his pay was upgraded? A few days ago it was reported that Mourinho said he doesn’t plan to end his career at Manutd and will leave sooner or later; he’s already eyeing PSG. You can say what you like about the Chelsea board, and in fact the boards of other top clubs, but these people pay top managers handsomely to deliver and if they don’t deliver, they get fired. Bayern just fired Ancelotti. I don’t think the board will fire Conte though, unless things get terribly bad. Conte should focus on making the best use of the players he has now. Moaning about squad depth when there are some players not getting enough game time is a slap on your players too, it means you’re saying your players are not good enough. Transfer window is closed, Conte should focus on getting the best out of his players for now…

  • Conte needs to also change his training style. These injuries cannot be due to fatigue, it’s just about 3 months into the league and we’ve played only 3 CL matches. The players must be doing something at training that is destroying their hamstrings. Also, I have said it and will say again, playing Fabregas in a 2-man midfield is a recipe for disaster. Bench Cesc and Willian, start AC and/or Rudiger, make use of Kenedy in some games, and we’ll be fine….

  • @Latunvic – Conte just CLEARLY stated in the presser he just concluded couple of minutes ago that the team trains physically 70% less than last season because we play in 4 competitions and the squad is not very big. The media narrative that the injuries are because Conte’s intense training methods are baseless (and yes that is the right word to use). Conte who trains the team has come out to clearly say the physical work has been reduced by 70% because the team is involved in 4 competitions, yet the media who are never at the training ground seems to know better, and are coming up with narratives that are trying to extrapolate from Conte’s general methods…This is unbelievably crazy. whew!

  • In other news, Kante’s injury is not as bad as first feared so he will be back before Roma away (hopefully) and Man united, Drinkawter is now training with the first team but Conte said its too early for him to be involved. Beat Watford tommorrow and suddenly our position with the squad and injuries wont be as bad (Only Moses will be left). We need to win tomorrow though. I have no idea which team Conte will pick. Wish him best of luck

  • People asking Conte to change his style, I need to ask. Didn’t this work for us last season? or is it because of CL games?

  • With Kante and Drink on the. way back We will be fine , even if we lose to Watford tthings will turn around . R

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