Date: 10th May 2006 at 4:55pm
Written by:

Seventy-two hours after the Premiership season ended, or indeed has it?

With the sun beating down on my office window suddenly life seems a little rosier. I know the new Premiership is days, weeks and months away but a few things have tickled me pink in the last twenty-four hours,

Amongst them is the ludicrous suggestion that Spurs have appealed to have the West Ham fixture replayed after the majority of their team suffered from a dose of the trots. Now, usually I?d have a little sympathy in cases like this but because it?s Spurs, definitely not. Like it says in the tabloids, the problem has been traced ? hard cheese and sour grapes.

Now if the appeal were to be successful, I know it won?t but just imagine if it was. Would West Ham be too bothered about the outcome, would the league insist both sides played the same eleven players? More importantly, would those in charge sit back and let the paying public be fleeced of yet more cash through the box office? Also, would a decision be deferred until after the Champions League final seeing as an Arsenal victory would make the whole problem irrelevant?

Also, in hindsight, despite playing with an ailment that made numerous people guffaw loudly producinga plethora of jokes, you find me a Spurs supporter anywhere in the land who wouldn?t have accepted the scores when it was all square at Upton Park and Wigan were leading Arsenal 2-1 at Highbury? Hypocrites or what? Besides, only Liverpool have the sway to evoke rule changes don?t they!

Elsewhere, Watford stand in the way of a quick return to the Premiership for Kenneth William Bates. I can?t help thinking the Championship Play-Off Final is a classic case of opposites. Nice and friendly Watford against the scummy Republican army from Yorkshire. With no apparent interest in either camp, do I really care whom wins? Does anyone outside of Hertfordshire or Yorkshire? Whoever wins will immediately become favourites for a quick return to the rela