Date: 13th May 2006 at 5:54pm
Written by:

Nearly a week after the Premiership season ended and time is certainly dragging.

Not even the thought of the FA Cup Final could drag any enthusiasm out of me. The result, a win for Liverpool on penalties, only served to undermine that the whole competition is nothing more than a lottery.

Indeed, the way the final was settled summed up the whole competition. From the moment the campaign is started with those ball dropped into that drum, it becomes a lottery as to who you play and where you play.

Therefore, what better way to end the competition and decide the outcome than the lottery of penalties? Life can be cruel and often those who deserve to prosper do not.

Liverpool are the most decorated club in English football but a club who haven?t won a major honour, without the lottery of penalties, for two seasons.

History! Don?t make me laugh!

Flicking over channels, the scenario is repeated and once more the plucky underdog, Gretna, fall foul of the penalties scenario. Life is cruel and harsh.

Never mind, with all this talk of lotteries I think I?ll close before dashing off to the local lottery outlet and buy a few tickets, after all it?s time an underdog won!

As for Liverpool, the Premiership next season, my a**e as a Royal might say!